April Update

April is gone and it is time for a new update.
But I don't have much time currently. New semester at university started for me and is filled with a lot of work and time needed. Also april is the month with most activity at the music society I'm in, so no weekends either. And the little spare time I have I use for my bachelor thesis, which I just started in april.

If you are curious about my skincare routines, they basically stayed the same. I only changed the sunscreen to a physical one, as my skin seemed to suddenly get irritations from the Uncover Skincare Suncare. This is also except for a backup cleanser the only item I bought this month:
It's the Sunumbra Sunkids SPF 40. Zinc oxide is a very good UVA and UVB filter. This sunscreen is not perfect, but the best physical I had so far.
You can check out the routines I posted in my March Update here.

My current "time problem" sadly also means I find almost no time for DIYs. Though I already pulled out two old shirts from my stash for nice refashionings, I do not know when I can change them.

This also means I do not know how regular I can post for the next weeks. All the posts I saved are used up now ;-)

In a month I have a few free weeks coming up, so don't forget me!

Love, Minn