March Update


Paula's Choice Radiance Renewal Mask Brightening Essence Calm Redness Relief Serum Multi Correction Treatment

Paula's Choice Skincare Products:
Brightening Essence and Radiance Renewal Mask will hopefully help evening out my skin tone.
Skin Transforming Multi-Correction Treatment contains azelaic acid, I will use it when Skinoren is empty.
Calm Redness Relief Serum: Contains so much anti-irritants and soothing ingredients, this is just perfect for use after peelings.

Fabric! I bought Fleece and Molton fabrics for my next project - fleece bedding for my guinea pigs instead of the ususal wood shavings. When it's finished, I'll make some nice photos and share.

Also some new towels from Grüne Erde, a very nice company from Austria, which produces fair, biological stuff.


My boyfriends band played at a local bandcontest! Check out the photos I made:

The Sepp Juniors live at Bandcontest Röda Steyr
The Sepp Juniors
The Sepp Juniors live at Bandcontest Röda Steyr
The Sepp Juniors

The Sepp Juniors are friends of ours. They make really nice rock and their perfomance at this gig was fantastic. The jury voted them first.

Kendra live at Bandcontest Röda Steyr
Kendra live at Bandcontest Röda Steyr

Kendra is also a band, whose members we know. All the girls in the room were fascinated, as vocalist Sophie started to growl.

Ashes To Dust live at Bandcontest Röda Steyr
Ashes To Dust
Ashes To Dust live at Bandcontest Röda Steyr
Ashes To Dust
Ashes To Dust live at Bandcontest Röda Steyr
Ashes To Dust

And of course Ashes To Dust.

What else did I do?
I sowed my first vegetables for the garden. Also, I got two new guinea pigs, Nelly and Nancy, from a private animal shelter. I'll show you in my post about my guinea pigs - coming soon!
And with help from a friend, we finally cut the fruit trees. I hope next year they will finally have some fruits for me.


Magi: Adventure of Sinbad
A very good anime, Netflix Original. I loved it!

A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Maybe you know the movie. This series is by and with Neil Patrick Harris, who I'm sure you do know. I liked the movie very much and this series is not bad, but somehow I missed the tension. Something could have been better.

Wow I really did love this! I love criminal series and this one has very special characters and the story was just amazing.

Deirdra & Laney Rob A Train
After watching the trailer I gave it a go. This movie is maybe not the best in the world, but I liked the story and how the girls evolve.

My Sister's Keeper
You've probably read the book or already seen this. I've read the book years ago and though I knew the movie isn't that good I wanted to watch it.

My Skincare Routine

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Minn (@minnmenja) am

 These are all the products I currently use.
Here's how:

1) Cleanse: Always with Balea Med Reinigungsmilch. This is a very gentle cleansing milk.
2) Treatment: Every second morning I use the PC 2% BHA Gel to exfoliate my pores.
3) Serum: I choose what my skin needs. First a sprizz of some watery toner for better application. Then either the PC Earth sourced toner alone or mixed with the PC Calm Serum or The Ordinary's Ascorbyl Glucoside 12%.
4) Hydrate or Sunscreen: When I'm only inside a day, I usually only use moisturizer (Schaebens). When I go outside, I use the Uncover Skincare Suncare SPF 30 for face.

1) Cleanse: If I have heavy make up on I first remove it with micellar water, then clean with Balea Reinigungsöl. If light make up or only sunscreen on, I only clean with the oil. If I stayed inside I only use the cleansing milk.
2) Treatment: Every second night is retinol night, I mix the Serum and Boost from PC and apply. Every other night I use Skinoren acelaic acid.
3) Serum: Mostly the PC Calm Serum, sometimes mixed with a little bit of the Earth Sourced Toner.
4) Moisturize: I mix the PC Radiance Renewal Mask with some drops of the Brightening Essence. This is such a wonderful combination!

My skin got better. But then on one morning I tried BPO and got many huge painful pimples. Those still need to heal and I really regret using BPO again. It is such a bad reaction I don't think this should be normal and will not use it again.

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