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Skincare Review: AldoVANDINI Charming Balance Hand & Nagelbalm

I need to use up many products I got from my Glossybox subscription. This is one of them. If you avoid fragrances/bad ingredients, stop reading here and come back in a week to see my next post ;-) but if you do love smelly stuff on your body, read on! 

The brand The brand aldoVANDINI belongs to the german company MANN & SCHRÖDER. They say they export their products to more than 80 countries, in Germany and Austria for example they are available at dm.
All their products and ingredients are animal cruelty free. They say the ingredients they use are all safe to use without testing on animals and I think this is absolutely correct. Most of the stuff used in cosmetics has been tested well enough. Also there is evidence that animal testing doesn't say anything if it is safe for humans too. This is due to the differences in body functions. We have a big group of doctors and scientists here in Austria, who explain that very well and are strictly against animal testing because of tha…

DIY - How to make small Shorts bigger!

I have two very old jeans, not wearable for years as they are ripped at the backside. And they also are too small for me now. One of them was perfect to turn into shorts and here's how I did that.

I started with this long jeans, ripped at the backside. It is also a little bit too small for me now.

Shorten it, fix the hole, then make it wider.

Ideas on how to make it wider:
I thought about adding a stripe at the very back to both make it wider and get rid of the hole, but I'm pretty sure that would have looked awkward. And the pockets would have been brought outwards which would also look kind of weird.
The only possible solution was to add stripes at the sides as everywhere else are pockets.

Step 1: Shortening First step was to make it short. Gladly I could still put them on (just no button closing and looks horrible) and mark with tailor's chalk how short I want them. Other ways would be to take a short you already own as a pattern or just do it free-handed. If yo…

Outfit - Classic plaid shirt + black shirt, jeans and boots

Tried combination with a new shirt, which is open in the back.  I'd call it a dark, grunge outfit yet classy enough for everyday wear, haha. 
Black shirt: from RE-BELLO (italian company producing fair, organic clothes), bought at Wearfair 2016 (in Austria). It is open in the back and has a very loose fit.  Plaid shirt: classic, nothing special, I think from VERO MODA.  Jeans: also nothing special, old, cheap ones from orsay.  Shoes: cheap and quite some years old, they are from Deichmann.  Necklace: honestly don't remember, some junk jewelry.  Lips: 4LK Lipstick pure red Hairstyle: nice and sleek haha - nooo that's not greasy ;-D

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Update: How to deal with little holes in shirts

I decided I don't want to make a completely new post for every hole in a shirt I fix. I have two posts about this now, this one and part 2 and I will add future hole fixes here and there.

So here we have a new hole fix.
Again, a very old shirt, which I love and refuse to throw it away because of one little hole. This time I made funny snails with the same pen I used below.

See for yourself:

That's it!

OLD POST (before Update)
I confess, I have a lot of old clothes.
And old clothes tend to get broken. Seams rip, holes develop.

So how to deal with those tiny holes?
If you just sew them together, it's very eye-catching. At least the way I can sew it. Maybe someone knows how to fix them without being seen a mile away?

This time I had two old shirts with a tiny burnt hole in them. Yes, burnt. One by a cigarette, the other by a campfire.

I sew the hole together as you can see in the pictures below. Then I thought I make it even more eye-catching by adding a funny face. Now you …

Skincare Review: Empty: PC Ultra-Light Serum // New in: PC Earth Sourced Toner

In this post I compare the Paula's Choice Resist Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with the Paula's Choice Earth Sourced Purely Natural Refreshing Toner. Why compare a serum with a toner? Well, let's see...

My skin: Oily & sensitive
Acne prone (since puberty, acne never stopped)
Big Pores on chin, nose and forehead, mostly between eyebrows
Few whiteheads and blackheads in cheek area
Many whiteheads on forehead
Many pustules on jawline, lower cheeks, around mouth corners
Before using irritant-free skincare and especially BHA I had pustules literally everywhere (cheeks, temples, forehead, chin itself, sometimes even nose...)

Paula's Choice Resist Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum

Aqua, Cyclopentasiloxane (silicone slip agent), Butylene Glycol (slip agent/water-binding agent), Dimethicone (silicone slip agent), Glycerin (skin-repairing ingredient), Polysorbate 20 (emulsifier), Polysilicone-11 (film-forming agent), Lauryl PEG-9 …

February Update

Bought I did not buy very much this month.

But I did a big order at Sonnentor which you may know is my big love when it comes to tea and spices. Here's what I ordered:

Gincko concentration tea: not yet testedGreen tea and lemongrass: my favorites green tea, tastes not even a bit bitterWild strawberry fruit tea: with actual strawberries and some natural aroma, tastes as it shouldFruit dream tea: not yet testedAuntie Trudls apfelstrudel tea: very good one, tastes like apples and cinnamonalso some spices to fill up empties

Also bought some stuff at DM:

Balea MED Ultra Sensitive Reinigungsmilch: already added that to my routine. Nice irritant-free soft cream cleanser. Can't take off make up or sunscreen so perfect for morning routine. Piz Buin Mountain Lipstick SPF 30: Will replace my current one as soon as it is empty. ebelin Powder Brush and Make-Up Brush: both with synthetic bristles, needed new ones as I realised I didn't have good brushes, haha

Donated blood: for the s…