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Refashioning a dress that doesn't fit your style anymore

Finally a new refashioning project. A small project I have to admit as there was not much to do. 
The story Many many years ago I bought this dress. I don't remember, but I think I got it at Orsay and I thought it is such a cute summer dress. I wore it no more then 5 times. And the last time was for lunch with my family. There was a good salad, really so so good because there was pumpkin seed oil on it and I just can't resist, this is the best oil to use on a salad. I love it so much.  Maybe you'll already know how this story ends. Me and pumpkin seed oil? Well, there is a reason why I now always wear black when I plan on eating a salad with pumpkin seed oil. I know I almost always wear black anyways, but imagine it like this: If one special day I have not black clothes on, I refuse. I do not eat the salad. And by the way, for everybody not living in Austria, try that oil. Just do it.  Anyways, of course after that lunch the pretty dress had oil stains on it. And I tried …

Skincare Review: Empty: Urtekram No Perfume Tagescreme // New in: Schaebens Totes Meer Salbe

A little bit of Skincare as my fight against acne continues...

My skin: Oily & sensitive
Acne prone (since puberty, acne never stopped)
Big Pores on chin, nose and forehead, mostly between eyebrows
Few whiteheads and blackheads in cheek area
Many whiteheads on forehead
Many pustules on jawline, lower cheeks, around mouth corners
Before using irritant-free skincare and especially BHA I had pustules literally everywhere (cheeks, temples, forehead, chin itself, sometimes even nose...)

I've posted my current routines in the last January Update. There I already used the Schaebens cream, which is the replacement for Urtekram. Let's compare:

Urtekram No Perfume Tagescreme (Day cream)

Ingredients (INCI):  Aqua, glycerin**, butyrospernum parkii butter*, simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, polyglyceryl-3 dicitrate/stearate, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil*, prunus armeniaca kernel oil*, zea mays starch*, cetyl alcohol, aloe barbadensis leaf extract*, lysolecithin, glyceryl caprylate, oenot…

Moving - Our new house! Part 1 (upper floor)

As I told you in my December Update, we moved into our new house and I promised some pictures.
Finally I was able to shoot some!

May I proudly present to you...

Our upper floor! 
The dressing room! In our flat we had a double wall closet. We both don't have that many clothes (more than you can see in this picture, it's not all here yet), so it wasn't really a space problem. But the proportioning was so bad that we just felt like it's not enough space. Imagine, I had one drawer approx. 30x50x30cm for all socks, panties, bras...
So yeah, we will never be able to fill the dressing room with only clothes. We will never own that much, we both prefer to keep clothes for a long time and don't buy very much.
It's just so nice to have everything clean and separated. On the right is another element with bags, bagpacks. There's a really very big mirror on the wall to the right.
And I keep all my makeup in the medially white element. Behind that there will be a littl…

DIY inspirations - Crafts

Lately I showed you some DIY inspirations:

This one is all about crafts!

Find all of them and even more on my Pinterest.

That looks so soft, I really urgently need a pom pom rug. All you need is some wool and such a carpet underlay. Both of them you can get at many stores for cheap.
I already bought a carpet underlay (will use it also for regular bought carpets) 3 rolls at Ikea (don't remember the price, but they were pretty cheap). And I also bought a pack of black wool (really soft one). Hope I'll try that soon, need to find time, and of course I'll show you the result!

I love nature and things found in nature and decoration made out of things found in nature. And I have a new house which still needs a lot of decoration! Yay! That just screams to try out this one. I think it looks really special yet is made so easily and cheap.
All you need are twigs, found literally everywhere, and something like an old glass or jar to glue it onto. Done!

These match…

DIY bracelet with beads

My dear friendship bracelets, which I made in 2015 (post about one of them here) didn't make it into 2017.
As my arm suddenly felt naked (only 2 left) a new one was needed:

I have no pictured instructions, as this is just too easy.

Items needed:

Beads. Different sizes / colours as you wish; just make sure, their hole is big enough for your wire!Wire. Not too thick (needs to fit through beads); flexible enough to wrap around your hand and to make knots. Bracelet clasp. Choose the type you want. I used a lobster claw and for this you need an extraSmall ring. To close the clasp. Should be the same type of metal. Wire cutter or scissors. Do not use scissors you need to stay sharp (e.g. if you use them for fabric cutting). A needle. Or something similar thin. Very important! 

Tie the wire on the clasp (or metal ring).
Cut it in the length you need (to wrap around your wrist plus AT LEAST 5cm to make knots).
String the beads. Vary between sizes and colours as you like. Check the length …

January update


Ein von Minn (@minnmenja) gepostetes Foto am 11. Jan 2017 um 15:12 Uhr
Ombia Cosmetics Hyaluron-Gel
This gel with hyaluronic acid joined my skincare army and I love it. Aldi sells it under different brand names. Ombia is the one you can get in Austria at Hofer. Lacura is the equivalent in Germany, available both at Aldi Nord and Süd. Don't know if Aldi sells it in other countries too, but if you find it, get it. It's pretty cheap for so much HA and there's a good chance you'll love it.
[Hyaluronic acid is one of the biggest hydrators and useful for every type of skin. Be sure to use it directly after or mixed with something containing lipids and apply something more or less occlusive afterwards.]

Uncover Skincare Suncare SPF 30
My first bottle lasted for little over 2 months. Well, can't say exactly, it's not empty yet but nearly, so I bought backup. I am using sunscreen everyday for a year now and the first 10 months I used cheap brands that were greasy,…