February 25, 2017

Refashioning a dress that doesn't fit your style anymore

Finally a new refashioning project. A small project I have to admit as there was not much to do. 

The story

Many many years ago I bought this dress. I don't remember, but I think I got it at Orsay and I thought it is such a cute summer dress. I wore it no more then 5 times. And the last time was for lunch with my family. There was a good salad, really so so good because there was pumpkin seed oil on it and I just can't resist, this is the best oil to use on a salad. I love it so much. 
Maybe you'll already know how this story ends. Me and pumpkin seed oil? Well, there is a reason why I now always wear black when I plan on eating a salad with pumpkin seed oil. I know I almost always wear black anyways, but imagine it like this: If one special day I have not black clothes on, I refuse. I do not eat the salad. And by the way, for everybody not living in Austria, try that oil. Just do it. 
Anyways, of course after that lunch the pretty dress had oil stains on it. And I tried all methods. It was lying in the sun for several days. Curd soap, vodka, letting it soak for hours. I even tried to bleach it. After all those treatments the stains were brightened, but still visible. I gave up, put it in the wardrobe and forgot it. 

But now I finally want to get my wardrobe updated and fix / refashion / change / at least give away every garment I own. Sooner or later I needed to think of something to do with that dress. 

The dress

White dress (Orsay) before Refashioning

Even though I bought it when I was about 15 (I am now 25) it still fits surprisingly well. This is probably due to the bit of stretch it has in the top part. So no adjustments to size were needed, fortunately. The zipper on the side goes a little rough but still works. Good for me. I think you won't see the stains but there is a big one on my left thigh (picture above). Tell me if you see it ;-) 
In general the dress is too white for me. As I said I almost always wear black and this is, well, just too much white. The back of it is completely white except for the pattern at the bottom of the skirt. 
And yes, I know it is not ironed. And after lying in the wardrobe for years there just have to be some many folds. 

My goal

First I wanted to hide the stains. Second I wanted it to get more black. 
I could have dyed it or painted it black. Maybe something matching the pattern it already has. Or make the whole dress black. But it would have made the pattern invisible and I think this is something that makes the dress better, so I wanted it to be seen. 
I remembered then I still have some black silk scarfs, which I bought in september at a flea market (earnings were for an animal shelter). 

Black silk scarf used to refashion an old white dress

I wanted to make headbands out of them, but I have 3 or 4 of those scarfs so no problem to use one of them for this.

The making

This is no tutorial because I think it is just so easy, everybody can do that.
You'll need a sewing machine, thread, scissors... the usual. But it can also be done by hand-sewing, just would take longer time.
I just pinned it on where I wanted it and sewed it on. As the scarf was a bit broader than the part of the dress I made some folds. I cut it at the end to have it the same length as the dress and it was done.
The scarf was long enough to use it on the front and the back. This leaves the side parts open and the white dress stays visible here.

The result

Refashioned white dress with black silk scarf

Refashioned white dress with black silk scarf

Refashioned white dress with black silk scarf

 It was easy to make and I love the result. It looks way more dark than before and the stains are hidden. With a little breeze it surely will wave beautiful.
I accomplished my goals and hopefully I find many opportunities to wear it as soon as it gets warm enough.

February 20, 2017

Skincare Review: Empty: Urtekram No Perfume Tagescreme // New in: Schaebens Totes Meer Salbe

A little bit of Skincare as my fight against acne continues...

My skin:

Oily & sensitive
Acne prone (since puberty, acne never stopped)
Big Pores on chin, nose and forehead, mostly between eyebrows
Few whiteheads and blackheads in cheek area
Many whiteheads on forehead
Many pustules on jawline, lower cheeks, around mouth corners
Before using irritant-free skincare and especially BHA I had pustules literally everywhere (cheeks, temples, forehead, chin itself, sometimes even nose...)

I've posted my current routines in the last January Update. There I already used the Schaebens cream, which is the replacement for Urtekram. Let's compare:

Urtekram No Perfume Tagescreme

(Day cream)

Skincare Review: Urtekram No Perfume Tagescreme

Ingredients (INCI): 

Aqua, glycerin**, butyrospernum parkii butter*, simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, polyglyceryl-3 dicitrate/stearate, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil*, prunus armeniaca kernel oil*, zea mays starch*, cetyl alcohol, aloe barbadensis leaf extract*, lysolecithin, glyceryl caprylate, oenothera biennis oil*, xylitol, xanthan gum, tocopherol, beta-sitosterol, squalene.
(* = ingredient from Organic Farming, ** = made using organic ingredients)

Vegan, no animal testing, COSMOS ORGANIC certification;


Price: I bought 50 ml for €7,49. So with a price of €14,98 / 100 ml it's not exactly a cheap one, but sure there are many more expensive creams out there.
Effect: It's said to be a light day cream. I do not consider it as a day cream as it has no spf. And I guess it's light for dry skin, but not really for oily skin. Shea butter is a pretty heavy ingredient and all those oils do their best too. When I applied it in the evening I could still feel a thin layer in the morning. Did really moisturize my skin though, but I hated that morning feeling.
And I had the feeling it broke me out. Shea butter, jojoba oil, almond oil, apricot kernel oil and even primrose oil all are considered excellent fats for acne prone and oily skin. But all of them can be comedogenic for some people, even if they aren't for most people. I guess one or several of them don't work for my skin.
Ingredients: As said above the oils are probably not good for some acne skins. Again, probably, which means there is a (good) chance you have no problem with them and will not get more breakouts! Besides that, those oils are intrinsically very good things to put on your skin. They contain antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals and other good compounds. Oils in general are very often recommended for skincare because of those ingredients they have. The other ingredients in the cream are all non irritating and also, like vitamin E, very good for skin.
Certification: The COSMOS ORGANIC certification means at least 95% of the ingredients must be organic. This does not include water and minerals, as they cannot be organic. See above at the INCI list that most of them are marked as organic. In total, including water and minerals, 21% of all ingredients are organic.
Conclusion: If you have no acne, definitely try it. If you are acne prone, you can try it too, but look out for possible breakouts and stop using it if your skin gets worse. By the way, I used it up on my body. It lasted pretty long, as I expect a cream to do.
I will not buy it again.

Schaebens Totes Meer Salbe

(Dead Sea ointment)

Skincare Review Schaebens Totes Meer Salbe

Ingredients (INCI): 

Aqua, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Maris Sal, Ethylhexyl Stearate, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Polyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Panthenol, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Benzoic Acid, Citric Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Hydroxide, Xanthan Gum.
(Maris Sal = Dead Sea salt)

Vegan, no animal testing; 


Price: 75 ml cost €3,45. That makes €4,60 / 100 ml, which is a lot cheaper than the Urtekram day cream.
Effect: I'm not sure, wether the salt irritates my skin or not. After I apply it, my skin is more red for a few minutes, but that goes away. It's a very light moisturizer, maybe the salt dries out more than the moisturizing factors give back. I use extra hyaluronic acid for now to counter the dryness. After three weeks of constant use I don't feel like it would give me more pimples.
Ingredients: Just by the way, grape seed oil has a comedogenic rating of 1 out of 5, which means it can be bad for some people, but most likely won't. So again, be careful if you are acne prone. Sensitive skin can have a problem with the salt. Panthenol and chamomile calm the skin.
Conclusion: I don't think it is the perfect moisturizer, but given the price it's worth to try. Anyways, after using it up I have a moisturizer from Paula's Choice, which I am looking forward to use.
Maybe I'll buy it some day again, because it just doesn't do my skin any harm.
You'll see this one again after using it up, when I compare it with the next one!

February 15, 2017

Moving - Our new house! Part 1 (upper floor)

As I told you in my December Update, we moved into our new house and I promised some pictures.
Finally I was able to shoot some!

May I proudly present to you...

Our upper floor! 

Dressing room

The dressing room!

In our flat we had a double wall closet. We both don't have that many clothes (more than you can see in this picture, it's not all here yet), so it wasn't really a space problem. But the proportioning was so bad that we just felt like it's not enough space. Imagine, I had one drawer approx. 30x50x30cm for all socks, panties, bras...
So yeah, we will never be able to fill the dressing room with only clothes. We will never own that much, we both prefer to keep clothes for a long time and don't buy very much.
It's just so nice to have everything clean and separated. On the right is another element with bags, bagpacks. There's a really very big mirror on the wall to the right.
And I keep all my makeup in the medially white element. Behind that there will be a little stool once I bought one were I can sit and put on my makeup. I already have  a small mirror with LEDs and 10x magnification which stands in the middle.

Laundry space

The laundry space!

 I've spent years trying to be "ecologically correct" and thinking that everything conventional is evil.
One of the results was always dirty clothes, smelling musty. I now checked the ingredients of all my different organic detergents (and I have a lot because I tried them all to find one that actually gets my clothes clean) and I checked the ingredients of normal detergents. They are literally the same. Little differents in how many enzymes, how many actives, and which scents are used. Besides that, you see the same chemical names.
And we have two cats hairy as hell. Cat owners will know, the hair is everywhere. You breathe it, you eat it and you always have it on your clothes. Now the thing is, we both almost only were black. Grey hair on black clothes, don't need to tell you what that looks like. So every day we spend quite some minutes with those sticky tapes trying to get the hair off our clothes. In the last years I bought so many of those tapes, I guess I need a new one like every week or so. Quite a lot of trash. Tried a dryer now and I regret nothing. It's a miracle.

On the other side of the room there's this:

Sewing / DIY space

My holy space! 

Here I'll make my future projects. So nice and clean and with so much space for my stuff. Yay!
Of course there's a good office chair and I swear to you, that desk is so big! It's 2m long and the width is 1m. So nice to lay out fabric, messure it, mark it, cut it. There's place to put my stuff everywhere!

Bathroom (shower part)

The bathroom!

Years ago I had a headache almost every day. Probably migrane, though never diagnosed or treated. Typical painkillers didn't help. Sometimes some sleep brought relief. And all relaxing things. Such as a shower. Now I know usually a bath is considered to be more relaxing than a shower. Try and sit down and let the water pour over your head. Think of it as if the water washes all the bad stuff away. Nothing more relaxing than that. 
I'm so glad nowadays I only have a headache about once a week or even less and it's not that painful anymore. If I have one, a shower still helps a lot. 

The other awesome thing in our bathroom: 

Cabinet (under the sinks) 
We used oak for the floor and almost all furniture is made out of european walnut.
But the cabinets in our bathroom are out of very rough brushed oak. Look at that texture! It's so beautiful and gives me such an exotic feeling even though the wood comes from Europe.

Hallway upper floor

The hallway!

One  thing left that I want to show. See that drawer I pulled out a bit? Our laundry lands here from the bathroom. Yes there's a connection in the wall. If you noticed there is a little door in the bathroom left to the shower and right to the cabinet. That's the connection.
The drawer is rollable and the door to the laundry room is at the opposite wall. 

That's it for now. Part 2 with some groundfloor pictures will follow soon. 

February 10, 2017

DIY inspirations - Crafts

Lately I showed you some DIY inspirations:

This one is all about crafts!

Find all of them and even more on my Pinterest.

That looks so soft, I really urgently need a pom pom rug. All you need is some wool and such a carpet underlay. Both of them you can get at many stores for cheap.
I already bought a carpet underlay (will use it also for regular bought carpets) 3 rolls at Ikea (don't remember the price, but they were pretty cheap). And I also bought a pack of black wool (really soft one). Hope I'll try that soon, need to find time, and of course I'll show you the result!

I love nature and things found in nature and decoration made out of things found in nature. And I have a new house which still needs a lot of decoration! Yay! That just screams to try out this one. I think it looks really special yet is made so easily and cheap.
All you need are twigs, found literally everywhere, and something like an old glass or jar to glue it onto. Done!

These matchboxes are just so cute. Perfect as a little present.
They are originally made by an artist, to just show us how awesome he is. Yep, I think it works. Those are great pieces of art, very inspirational.
Anyone of us can do that too, although maybe it just won't look thaaat professional, but hey, it's made with love, isn't it?
You'll need a pack of matches and something to write, paint, however change it. Be creative, or use these ones as guides.

These look pretty easy to make and are a beautiful decoration for New Year, don't you think?
Colourful paper, some yarn, scissors, glue and maybe a pen are needed. The guidance is very clear and understandable and I don't think anyone can get this wrong. This year is the chinese year of the rooster and I think these cute ones fit perfectly to that kind of celebration?

Who hasn't a lot of old socks? Singles? Or fabric leftovers? And look at how cute these kitties are. I need one. Probably more. Oh I just love cats.
Just fabric, needle and thread, scissors and the goggly eyes are needed for this one. Of course enough of the ingredients to make several of the kitties. I imagine them as great toys for children, adults that are still children, cute decorations, and maybe put some valerian inside and use it as a cat toy?

Tell me this isn't the cutest planter you've ever seen? Also it's kind of a bit recycling which I think is always good and it looks easy and fun to make. I saw those also in different animals, as almost everything (or everything) is possible to make here. But as cats are my favourites, of course it has to be cats for me.
We all have plastic bottles and if you don't have a Stanley knife you can also use plain scissors and cut it into shape. Spray paint and pens in the right colours are available everywhere and horray - the DIY cute cat planter is finished.

More decorations and pretty boxes!!!
I usually don't eat Pringles. But I think I have to get a box just to make this cutey. Of course the Pringles themselves will be eaten, though I prefer more natural chips. I already have the right lace that is perfect for this. About the flowers I'm not quite sure, maybe I'll dry some roses in the coming year. The Paper I'll get when I start the project.

In my teens I loved dream catchers so much, I had them everywhere.
Now I still love them. And I plan on making some by myself. There are a lot tutorials out there on how to make them. This one is just for me to remember the basic pattern of the inside strings. I'll decide then were to put beads or feathers or tassels. Just can be sure mine will be black. No other colour in my life needed, hehe!

With cats, plants are a bit difficult. Especially cacti (and poison plants). Especially when you have imprudent cats. Especially when one of your cats tries to eat everything green (even pineapple leaves). By the way, if anyone needs a guide on which plants are good and bad for cats, especially plants you want to keep in the house and balcony, I can write about that. I've done quite some research here to not poison my kitties and would be glad to share it with you.
Anyways, this DIY looks fun, I love painting and it saves me the trouble of watering them correctly (hehe). Yes, I killed many cacti in my life. First I mean too good and water them way too much and when I realize that they start to moulder, I completely stop watering them and after some months... Well, many many months, they are usually pretty dead.
I now there is that story, where cacti left in a basement for many years still lived and I know with some types it is possible. But this doesn't happen with every type of cacti, some of them are more resistent and other aren't.

So far, so good!
Not sure, if this is the last DIY inspirations post, but we will see...

February 5, 2017

DIY bracelet with beads

 My dear friendship bracelets, which I made in 2015 (post about one of them here) didn't make it into 2017.
As my arm suddenly felt naked (only 2 left) a new one was needed:

I have no pictured instructions, as this is just too easy.

Items needed:

  • Beads. Different sizes / colours as you wish; just make sure, their hole is big enough for your wire!
  • Wire. Not too thick (needs to fit through beads); flexible enough to wrap around your hand and to make knots. 
  • Bracelet clasp. Choose the type you want. I used a lobster claw and for this you need an extra
  • Small ring. To close the clasp. Should be the same type of metal. 
  • Wire cutter or scissors. Do not use scissors you need to stay sharp (e.g. if you use them for fabric cutting). 
  • A needle. Or something similar thin. Very important! 

Tie the wire on the clasp (or metal ring).
Cut it in the length you need (to wrap around your wrist plus AT LEAST 5cm to make knots).
String the beads. Vary between sizes and colours as you like. Check the length around your wrist regularly!
Tie the end on the clasp (or metal ring) - of course the other one than in the first step. Use the needle to place the knot extra tight!
Add more rows as you wish. Tie them onto the same connections.

Two rows were perfect for me. 

My wrist is happy and now looks like this: 

February 1, 2017

January update


Ein von Minn (@minnmenja) gepostetes Foto am

Ombia Cosmetics Hyaluron-Gel
This gel with hyaluronic acid joined my skincare army and I love it. Aldi sells it under different brand names. Ombia is the one you can get in Austria at Hofer. Lacura is the equivalent in Germany, available both at Aldi Nord and Süd. Don't know if Aldi sells it in other countries too, but if you find it, get it. It's pretty cheap for so much HA and there's a good chance you'll love it.
[Hyaluronic acid is one of the biggest hydrators and useful for every type of skin. Be sure to use it directly after or mixed with something containing lipids and apply something more or less occlusive afterwards.]

Uncover Skincare Suncare SPF 30
My first bottle lasted for little over 2 months. Well, can't say exactly, it's not empty yet but nearly, so I bought backup. I am using sunscreen everyday for a year now and the first 10 months I used cheap brands that were greasy, whitening, awful. This one contains antioxidants, the best uv filter currently available and it is a lot better in application.
(I have sensitive oily acne skin)
Using one pump after another, I can easily massage it into the skin. It feels sticky at first, but after the application time I almost don't notice it. There is a little whitening effect which I find good as it masks my acne spots a bit.


Serdar Somuncu Live: H2 Universe - Die Machtergreifung
I usually don't watch shows like this. But the man of the house loves this guy. Serdar Somuncu talks about current topics, often political. Serious content packed in exaggerations, screaming, funny faces. Never quite sure if I should laugh or cry. Anyways, his shows are really good!

AJIN: Demi-Human Season 2
Oh how I love this anime. In season 2 I wasn't sure if the main character is on a good or bad way for quite some episodes. Then, at the end, all gets crazy again. No, sorry, it's crazy in the middle too. And in the beginning. No spoilers. Give it a try.

Hannibal Season 3
Psycho thriller-horror;
The first episodes were pretty confusing. Different time lines, jumps in time every second, not sure who is dead and who isn't. Halfway through I was sure I would reduce my rating to 4 stars instead of 5 (of 5). Then the last episodes. Just wow. And the final episode. Dear god. Wow. Can't breathe.

Epic sci-fi movie;
I love sci-fi. I love outer space. And this movie is a really great one. There is one part at the end, a scene in another dimension, which I find unreasonable. Yes I want sci-fi to be realistic (Well, except for Doctor Who. That show can't be too crazy hehe). Except for that dimension thing everything else was astonishing. Especially the water planet.

The Propaganda Game and Im Strahl der Sonne 
Two documentaries about North Korea.
The first one showed what North Korea tells their people about the rest of the world. Shocking, but not as shocking as the second one. I have to say, both film teams were not allowed to filmed what they want. They were guided and told what to film by officials. They were not allowed to film something else. So the second movie is about a fake family, arranged by North Korea, whose little girl (7 years old) is about to go to school. While the officials wanted to show a happy, successful family, you can see how the people are suppressed, how little they have and what wrong things they are told.
I want to describe you the most shocking scene at the end. At that time, the girl was about a year in school, not seeing her mom and dad. During and interview her eyes get wet, you can see she's about to start crying. She does look totally unhappy. A man behind the camera says in korean "make her stop crying" whereon a woman starts talking. She says to the girl "think of something happy". After about 10 seconds the girl replies "I can't think of anything happy" and the woman again "remember something in your past that made you happy". Again long thinking time, then the girl says "I don't know". She has tears in her eyes.

Sense8 (Season 1 and christmas special)
Sci-fi drama;
Another series I totally recommend. 8 unique stories which start getting connected. And the absolute evil. You have to watch it.

Austrian comedy. Austrians watch it!

The Crown
Biographical drama about Queen Elizabeth II;
I admit I only wanted to watch it because of Matt Smith (because he was The Doctor for 3 seasons). I never cared about the royal family. I don't know much of their stories. But the series is good! I hope the rumors of Claire Foy having to leave for the next season are not true, as she makes a marvelous queen.


Well my BF had a concert in Vienna (see his band here) and during that I visited one of the best shops for e-cigarettes as I needed a new dealer for liquids. Thinking about making a post with my favorites.

Also I got a topic for my bachelor thesis in cooperation with a local zoo. Yay!

I fixed some holes in two of my BFs jeans (he wears clothes until they fall apart).

I made a new bracelet using beads. You'll see the DIY post to that soon!

And as I hoped in my December Update I photographed the necklace and deco:

Aren't both too cute?

Besides all that, we had appointments on almost every day regarding house stuff. Still a lot of work needs to be done! But we got the last lamps, ordered mirror cabinets for the baths, and the heating works as it should - well at least on one floor.


I overdid it with all the actives and made my acne worse. So back to basics, using a consistent routine. Will add more actives one after another with at least 4 weeks between.

My current morning routine:
1. Cleansing with Balea Reinigungsöl: Simple, cheap, working.
2. Acne treatment with Skinoren 15% Azelaic acid gel: works wonders, never without!
3. Paula's Choice Resist Ultra-light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum: Skin food
4. Hydrate with Ombio Hyaluron-Gel
5. (Optional if skin is still dehydrated) Schaebens Totes Meer Salbe: Still not quite sure if the sea salt is good for my skin or not.
6. Sunscreen: Stick from ECO Cosmetics for lips and eyes and Uncover Skincare Suncare SPF30 for face.

My current evening routine:
1. Cleansing with Balea Reinigungsöl: Simple, cheap, working.
2. Acne treatment with Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Gel: I like the liquid more, but I have to use it up. Why does it have to last so long?
3. Paula's Choice Resist Ultra-light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum: Skin food
4. Hydrate with Ombio Hyaluron-Gel
5. Schaebens Totes Meer Salbe: Still not quite sure if the sea salt is good for my skin or not.

Feels like my skin gets better. Pimples take up to 90 days to come to surface but they are already getting less and redness gets better too.