January 25, 2017

Walking in a winter wonderland

Last week it was snowing several days in a row, which I haven't seen for quite some years. Such a big mantle of snow everywhere!
Just beautiful and I had to go outside, take a walk and take some photographs.

Played a bit with colours, contrast and lighting.

Outside our house

Stream that frames one side of our premises (left)

Winter landscape

Different textures

January 20, 2017

Outfit - Not too cold outside

Totally forgot I had one last outfit for 2016. Wore it at dinner in a nice restaurant. First days of december were still warm enough to not have to wear everything to keep myself warm.

January 15, 2017

DIY inspirations - Fashion

As soon as my DIY workspace is prepared, I want to sew more.

In december I already showed you my DIY Refashioning plans and here are my plans for sewing new fashion items.

Again, I collect them on Pinterest and you can see all of them here.

I could really use new shorts next summer. Only have two old pairs, both don't look very good.

I also have only one old bikini set. New top would be nice!

Or a swim suit. Always wanted one, but I can't find one that fits. Seems to me like most of them sold here are made for big people and the few other ones have less fabric than a bikini.
This one is no pattern, but I would either find one or make it myself. Love the look of this one though!

Such a beautiful cloak. I would make it in black of course and maybe a bit shorter.

Totally in love with the look of those.

I love cats, I love hoodies, I want this. But making it myself would be better than just buying it.

I also have some patterns I never used from a Perfect Pattern Parcel I once bought. And I want to sew some socks, undies and try bras.

January 10, 2017

December Update

Sorry I have so much to do currently - read on and read why.
No photos today, just a little update on what I did...
Will try to get some posts ready soon! Somebody interested in getting emails for new posts?


Necklace - Christmas charity for stray cats
I can only tell you now it is so beautiful. Hope I remember to add photos as soon as I find the battery charger for the camera.

Also a decorative wooden cat from the same charity
Same here as above.

Paula's Choice Skincare:
Earth Sourced Natural Toner: Humectants and a looot of plant extracts. Among them my favourites - green tea, grape - and many more. Just pour a little bit on hands and massage it into your skin. Perfect to keep skin hydrated and add antioxidants and other useful plant contents.
Resist Anti-Aging Super-Light Moisturizer SPF 30 and Calm Moisturizer SPF 30 (normal to greasy skin): Samples to find the perfect sunscreen. Didn't try them yet.
Skin Balancing Mask: I'm not that much of a mask fan. First try didn't show me big differences but I have 4 samples left.

Resist Anti-Aging 1% Retinol Booster: Nice texture. I use it pure, but it's also very good for mixing into a serum or cream. Anyone else having no side effects with using directly 1% retinol? I even used it completely alone, meaning after cleansing with nothing else afterwards. Not even the slightest sign of dryness or flakes. Strange. 


Desert Flower
Biography of Waris Dirie, fashion model and activist against female genital mutilation.
The song is sooo beautiful, I listen to it all the time. And the movie too is one of the best. It's dramatic, shocking, wonderful.

Nintendo Quest
Documentation about a guy catching all NES games within 30 days. Or not.
Could have been funnier...

Austrian movie (2 parts). Loved it!

Rogue One
Technically very good made, actors did a nice job, story is interesting and the movie ends how it should. Can't say anything bad about it.


Got a new guinea pig!
After the passing of my dear old lady Mimi poor Johnny was alone again. So 2 years young Eyeline joined the 6 years old to spend some time together.
Got her from a former breeder, who had to give the piggies away cause of moving out. I'd have prefered a real emergency pig from a shelter or similar, but there were none available.

Finally, we moved into our new house. Yay! Some photos will follow soon.
This is why I currently have no time. We are not immediately selling the flat, so there's still a lot of work to do here. And the house isn't 100% finished, so a lot work here too.


Besides my usually a lot Overwatch playing, I tried a 'new' game this month. It's almost for a year available now, but I got it now at the steam winter sale for half the price.
It's called Ori and the Blind Forest.
At the beginning I almost cried - story is just so sad. Love the graphics, sounds (voices) and everything else.
Ok, I don't want to lie. I also cried in the middle of the game (play it and you will see why) and at the end as well.