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Walking in a winter wonderland

Last week it was snowing several days in a row, which I haven't seen for quite some years. Such a big mantle of snow everywhere!
Just beautiful and I had to go outside, take a walk and take some photographs.

Played a bit with colours, contrast and lighting.

Outfit - Not too cold outside

Totally forgot I had one last outfit for 2016. Wore it at dinner in a nice restaurant. First days of december were still warm enough to not have to wear everything to keep myself warm.

DIY inspirations - Fashion

As soon as my DIY workspace is prepared, I want to sew more.

In december I already showed you my DIY Refashioning plans and here are my plans for sewing new fashion items.

Again, I collect them on Pinterest and you can see all of them here.

I could really use new shorts next summer. Only have two old pairs, both don't look very good.

I also have only one old bikini set. New top would be nice!

Or a swim suit. Always wanted one, but I can't find one that fits. Seems to me like most of them sold here are made for big people and the few other ones have less fabric than a bikini.
This one is no pattern, but I would either find one or make it myself. Love the look of this one though!

Such a beautiful cloak. I would make it in black of course and maybe a bit shorter.

Totally in love with the look of those.

I love cats, I love hoodies, I want this. But making it myself would be better than just buying it.

I also have some patterns I never used from a Perfect Pattern Parcel I once boug…

December Update

Sorry I have so much to do currently - read on and read why.
No photos today, just a little update on what I did...
Will try to get some posts ready soon! Somebody interested in getting emails for new posts?


Necklace - Christmas charity for stray cats
I can only tell you now it is so beautiful. Hope I remember to add photos as soon as I find the battery charger for the camera.

Also a decorative wooden cat from the same charity
Same here as above.

Paula's Choice Skincare:
Earth Sourced Natural Toner: Humectants and a looot of plant extracts. Among them my favourites - green tea, grape - and many more. Just pour a little bit on hands and massage it into your skin. Perfect to keep skin hydrated and add antioxidants and other useful plant contents.
Resist Anti-Aging Super-Light Moisturizer SPF 30 and Calm Moisturizer SPF 30 (normal to greasy skin): Samples to find the perfect sunscreen. Didn't try them yet.
Skin Balancing Mask: I'm not that much of a mask fan. First try …