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Sewing Greenstyle Creations' Green Tee

Last summer I sewed this Green Tee by Greenstyle Creations. Sorry it took me so long to finally make photos and show you! 

The pattern The Green Tee is a basic t-shirt sewing pattern. It has options for a v- or scoop neck, is short sleeved and semi-fitted.  Attention please: Join GC's Facebook group page to get the pattern for free! Otherwise it would cost $10,- but you better spend that money on another pattern, right? As a bonus you can find a lot of inspirational posts as well as all the help you need in that group. 

The pattern comes with excellent instructions. Although GC gives this pattern away for free, they had the same dedication to provide great instructions as they do with their other, not free patterns. Even the steps for the v-neck are so well explained, I (who had never done a v-neck before) did not have to look for extra help on how to make it! Please take a moment here to appreciate that. 
Okay, next thing, the sizing. To be honest, I do think it is correct and go…

DIY easy fabric covered pattern weights

My sewing life is just so much easier since I use pattern weights.

Honestly, if you don't own them yet, you have to go immediately and grab some.
But there's no need to spend a lot of money on them. And no need to take a lot of time for this project.

Which is exactly why this is such a short post. Instead of wasting another precious 10 minutes of your life reading another unnecessarily long blogpost, go ahead and JUST - DO - IT !

Also yes, there are quite some similar posts about this idea out there. But I find that some things just can't be told enough, especially if they make life so much easier as this. So feel free to skip this, but if you are late to the pattern-weight-party (as I am!) and haven't heard about them yet, this may be just right for you.

Materials needed for DIY fabric covered pattern weightsBig washers - and I mean really big. Talking about 6 or 8 cm diameter.
Or go through your household stuff and see if you find something else, that will work. It ha…

Sewing A Catherine Cowl Neck Poncho (Seamingly Smitten Pattern)

(*Affiliate link)

Today is the end of our Seamingly Smitten Catherine Poncho Blog Tour. All the ponchos look so lovely and our special gift for you is still available!

For our tour Seamingly Smitten* offers a 40% discount, which is valid until December 17th (2017)! They have a lot of great looking patterns. The poncho comes in 3 versions (Women's version*, girl's version* or MOMMY and ME version*). Don't forget to add the code PONCHOTOUR to your order to get the 40% off!

Now let's finally take a look at my poncho:

I usually prefer close-fitting tops and I never liked those cowl necked RTW shirts that are sold by the big companies. They just were not flattering on me. But lately I have seen a lot of ponchos and I wanted to try one. After seeing some Catherine Ponchos sewn up by others, I knew this pattern could be the one.

The Pattern I have never sewn a poncho. I have never sewn a hoodie. This pattern is great as a first-ever.
I had no problems with printing and assemb…

Faulty Fashion: Stitch Holes Up And Conceal The Thread

Got a hole in your favourite shirt?
The jeans you love so much ripped apart?

You don't have to throw it away. There are many ways to fix your clothes easy and fast.
As in this post, simply stitch the hole together and then conceal it using one of many options.

Faulty Fashion is a series of posts to help when your clothes have flaws.
So far this includes the following posts:

Stitch Holes Up Using Thread As EmbroideryStitch Holes Up And Conceal The Thread (you are here) Cover Holes With (Selfmade) Patches (coming soon) 
Stitch the hole up and conceal it
With a pearlmaker pen Pearlmaker pens are very easy to use. Just paint and let it dry. They usually need no ironing and can be washed and ironed. If you don't know them, they are like this one. There are quite some colours available.

This method is as simple as it can be. Just paint!
You can either paint free what comes into your mind at the moment. Or print out a motif, cut it out, trace it onto the fabric and follow the lines.


Making Lots Of No Show Thongs By Greenstyle Creations Sewing Pattern

Who else never understood the love for (store bought) thongs? 
Among many others, I never liked the feeling of a thong. I bought one when I was 16 and it was horrible. It felt like it would hurt my delicate parts down there. Not exactly the feeling I want my underwear to give me.

10 years later - I had just joined a certain pattern companies facebook group - a thong popped up every time I was online. It was Greenstyle Creations No Show Thong.

My plan since I started sewing my own clothes was to try some great looking free patterns first and then decide if I want to buy new patterns. But somehow - I really don't know how - I ended up buying the No Show Thong pattern when it was on sale for $6,50.

So I bought some fabric, made two and not long after that I bought more fabric and made many more.

Most important is the fabric GC says on their website:
"You will need light weight stretch fabrics that don't roll when stretched. One pair of No Show's take no more than 11&quo…

Faulty Fashion: Stitch Holes Up Using Thread As Embroidery

Got a hole in your favourite shirt?
The jeans you love so much ripped apart?

You don't have to throw it away. There are many ways to fix your clothes easy and fast.
As in this post, simply stitch the hole together and use the thread to make a beautiful embroidery.

Faulty Fashion is a series of posts to help when your clothes have flaws.
So far this includes the following posts:

Stitch Holes Up Using Thread As Embroidery (you are here) Stitch Holes Up And Conceal The ThreadCover Holes With (Selfmade) Patches (coming soon) 
Stitch the hole up and use the thread as embroidery
If you know embroidery, you know the beautiful stitches and how you can use them in a creative way. If you don't know the stitches, you can look them up at the spruce or search for them online, there are so many websites with good information.  Or you just stitch as you like (which I did, as I had no idea about embroidery).

Anyways, this method to deal with holes is easy as usual, just requires a bit of crea…

DIY Upcycling Cardboard Box With Washi Tape And Fabric

Do you get too many cardboard boxes you have to throw away? Do you love washi tape DIYs? Check out this tutorial to combine that AND feel good for upcycling trash AND make yourself a new useful & decorative storage item you will love!

How To Upcycle Cardboard Boxes Into Useful & Decorative Items I have to admit we order online quite a lot. Therefore we get so many cardboard boxes and although our cats love them, even they can't use them all. It's just sooo much trash!
Also I am in need of some storage items. So I thought, why not combine that, use the trash, do some upcycling, save money and get something that looks exactly how I want it to look? Also, if your heart beats for DIY as much as mine does, a DIY project always is better than no DIY project.

This is the first of those projects and I am planning on doing some more, using different methods and materials. Stay tuned for more ideas using yarn, fabric, paint, paper,... maybe stuff from nature, such as bark, twigs…

Sewing An Easy Wide Brimmed Sun Hat

UV rays damage your skin and a sun hat is a fashionable way of preventing that. And it is very easy to make one yourself!

Maybe you have noticed the wide brimmed sun hat I was wearing at my last post - where I shared my first The Orla Dress with you. I just took the opportunity to get two selfmade items into my camera at one shoot.

Being naturally pale makes me prone to sunburn. Plus to fight my acne I use several ingredients in my skincare, that weaken my skins own defense against UV rays even more. I try to stay out of strong sunlight as much as I can and I use sunscreen every day, but sometimes I still feel the need of more protection - here comes the sun hat.
The wide brim gives me shade down most of my chest. I probably should have made photos showing that. Well, you just have to imagine the "sun part"!

How to make this wide-brimmed sun hat First, the materials needed:  A Pattern - see belowFabric: won't need much, but you'll need fabric for the outside and inter…

An Orla Affair - Sewing My First [The Orla] Dress

I have sewn my first dress and I think it turned out pretty good!

My sewing experience includes quite some refashionings of old jeans, shirts and dresses. Also two selfmade pants from several years ago, one a comfy but not-good-enough-for-going-out-so-wearing-at-home-only version and the other one I never finished, cause I realized it's gotten too tight. Too tight again trying a shirt drafted from my favourite one, but that was such a total fail I don't talk about it. And then some other things, a bag, a hat, juggling balls,...

But this time, I tried my best and I was so excited to make my own Orla Dress. Of course I needed to make some small mistakes, but overall I totally love it and I have learned so much!

The pattern
It's from French Navy and you can find it here for free!

I think the instructions are clear and not complicated. They should be enough for anyone, who has ever sewn a dress or a shirt. And probably also good enough for any beginner.
For me, who has never d…