December 11, 2016

DIY inspirations - Refashioning

As time is short these days I can't do much DIY projects.
In the meantime I show you some of my favourite DIY refashioning ideas. I collect them at Pinterest and you can look at all of them here.

Just click on the picture and the Pinterest pin opens in a new window.

DIY corset tee
I love corsets. But I find them difficult to wear in my everyday life. This shirt is just the solution, its the perfect mix. And incredibly easy to make too! I think this would take no more than 10 minutes to make.

Lace back shirt
Sooo beautiful and also seems to be made easy. Sewing machine required here! I have lace, I have shirts, why am I not doing this??

Jeans with lace bottom
I start sweating when I see this, it is just so sexy and beautiful. Again, I have lace and yeah sure I have jeans, so do it!

Spray painted shirt
Just needs a stencil and something to paint. Should also be done fast and easy!

Cat in a pocket
Oh how cute is that? The pocket could also be selfmade, those are easy to make.

3 strap bra for backless tops
I really do need one of those. My boobs are hard to find a fitting bra for and the selection for such bras is even smaller, so it would be a good idea to make it myself out of an old bra.

None of these are my photographs, they're all linked to the Pinterest pin where you can find the source.

Any other recommendations?

December 5, 2016

How I survive Christmas every year

Oooh Christmas...

The quiet time of the year...

Peaceful - devoutly - full of atmosphere

Or is it?

What about crowds of people, someone bumping into you every few metres, traffic jam everywhere, sales people being angry because they have to work and are stressed out, customers being angry because there are so many other customers, police stopping you for breath test, being angry because they have to work late, and so on ... ?

Or do you like to remember the time you were a child, when all you need to worry about was when you got to open your presents?

Yeah, being adult sometimes sucks. Buying christmas presents in december sucks. But who is really smart enough to buy them earlier? (Well, not me)

Anyways, I've managed to find some ways to survive christmas (and december in general) every year.

Do the shopping at times when most other people are at work! 
For most of us this means take a day off. Plan it efficiently to visit every shop you need and to find a present for everyone you need/want to get something.
Or try online shopping.

Avoid driving during traffic jam times! 
Rescedule appointments, get to work earlier and go home earlier or later if you like.

Give yourself some me-time! 
I've said above what christmas should be. Take your time, light a scented candle, take a bath, read a book, pet and play with your cat, do whatever your passion is.

Don't force yourself to cook for everybody if you don't want to!
How about every visitor brings something to eat? Spread, cheese, snacks - you just have bread and drinks. No need to stand in the kitchen for hours!

Don't think you must see every friend and relative!
Why meet somebody if you are only stressed out and can't enjoy it? Turn some of them down. Yes, they might be mad, but you can see them next month too.
If you think that won't work, how about just booking a vacation and spending christmas somewhere else?

Turn off the radio!
Sure, some of those christmas songs are pretty and motivating. But honestly, who wants to listen to them for months several times a day? For me radio is already annoying the rest of the year, but in december it's plain horror.
For this time of the year I recommend listening to soothing, relaxing music. Maybe try some piano? Try Ludovico Einaudi! For example The Crane Dance, one of my favourites. Oh so beautiful.

By the way, I made these photographs on a foggy morning. It's the view from my balcony. It was so quiet and beautiful!

December 1, 2016

November Update


Deadman Wonderland
Photo from Wikipedia
Just wow. About two years ago I watched the anime on Netflix. But it only contains the first 21 chapters from the manga and when I finished the series, I was completely unsatisfied being left in the middle of something amazing.
Last year I got to talk with a girl studying biology too and she was totally into mangas and she knew DW and told me to read the manga, which is finished.
Recently I found some time to do that and WOW I love it even more. It is one of the best stories.

What is it about?
Gantas friends are killed right before his eyes by a mysterious "Red Man". But Ganta is accused for that and has to go to prison. There he finds out, that he among some others has a special ability and those deadmans are forced to fight against each other... It gets weird when this pale girl shows up and you see she is connected to Ganta... and it gets even weirder when you find out, who she really is.
No spoilers! Go see for yourself, hehe!

There is some violence, you see a lot of blood and some other crual things. But the story is not like anything I've seen before and I promise you it is so addictive.


Halloween washi tape: Sale-Found at a local dollar store just after Halloween - I just had to get it! Isn't it more than cute?

Schaebens Totes Meer Salbe (Dead Sea Ointment): Claims to help with pimples. I don't think it will, the only ingredient that could achieve something is sea salt, to which my skin does not react. But INCI is irritant-free, so I will use it as moisturizer as soon as my current cream is empty.

Balea Aqua Serum: Nice for moisture. Will try out soon.

Sonnentor teas: Sonnentor products are organic and have the best taste. I love their teas, I love their spices, I love their cookies... They deliver worldwide so no reason not to try them ;-)

Biosolis Extreme Fluid SPF 50+: Thick cream, makes my face white and greasy. Will use it up on my hands and never buy it again.

Uncover Skincare Suncare SPF 30: My new love. Leaves my face matte, not white and just works. Also filters are Tinosorb S and Tinosorb M, which are considered the currently best uv-filters available.

Skinoren 15% azelaic acid gel: My other new love. Helps a lot fighting my acne.

The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% and Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%: I hope these Vit. C and Niacinamide Products will help for my acne too.

The Stone: Yep, the stone. I bought it at a local christmas market from a guy, who collects the stones on mountains and processes them into such beautiful decoration.


August: Osage County
Nah, that was no movie for me. Didn't expect the end, but I just feel like something good is missing here. Though it's not a bad movie in general.

Last Exile
The first episodes I wasn't sure wether it's boring or not. But I kept watching it and it was definitely worth it. If you like flying ships, wars and adorably brave characters, give it a go!

Black Mirror
Anthology; Dark Sci-Fi; 

Every episode surprises me again. It shows modern scenarios that might happen in our future and let them end in completely unexpected, shocking events. If you're up for something new and intriguing, this could be interesting for you.

Sci-Fi; Johnny-Depp-Movie;
Amazing quality, good actors and hey, ever wanted to know what happens when an A.I. ist so highly evolved it wants to take over the planet?