August 31, 2016

Bring old shoes to new life

I had these shoes for about 7-8 years. After I saw them on another girls feet, I totally fell in love with them, I absolutely needed them as my first shoes that weren't sneakers. I was lucky! After driving to three different Deichmann stores, I found them in my size and I was not disappointed. They are very comfortable and suit perfectly for dresses, skirts, every cute outfit and so on...
But all those years left signs. The fabric didn't get really white again when washed and the buckle connection started to break down.

See how that buckle connection almost fell off? 

They still are one of my most loved shoes, so I couldn't throw them away. Also I thought, hey, this should be easy to fix?! And yes, it was.

What I needed?

  • Black fabric paint and a brush
  • Black marker pen
  • Needle, thread, scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Black hook and loop tape

After cleaning them, I first cut off the buckle connection.
There was a tiny rip at the front of one shoe which I sewed together.
Then I painted all fabric black. Had to do this step twice after letting it dry, so that the white didn't show through anymore.
With a marker I painted the rivets and the white plastic strip between fabric and sole black.
I cut out fitting pieces of black hook and loop tape and glued them on. To help them stay I made three little stitches at the corners.
Last step was to fix colour and glue. It says you need to iron it for severall (4-5) minutes at high temperature (140°C) on the left side. Well, obviously, I can't iron this, especially not on the left side.
So I took my hairdryer instead, which does approx. 80-100°C and doubled the time (10 minutes) to achieve enough fixation. Seems like colour and glue stays where it should be.

All this took me about 2 hours without the waiting time to let the paint dry.
That's it!

Photobomb to end this:
May I present to you.... ELLI (Eleonore) the curiousity herself with always a little bit of slobber on her chin.

August 28, 2016

The cheapest dress I ever bought

I bought this dress at a flea market for 2€!
It was organized by a local animal shelter and of course the earnings were for them too. Normally it would have cost 4€ (wow) but I helped out there, so I got it cheaper. As this is for helping animals I would have paid more, but stupid me forgot the money and 2€ was all I had in my pockets *sadface*.
It's in perfect shape, I just had to fix some threads that were hanging out, nothing big.

The next flea market is in september and as I will help out again, I'm hoping to find another amazing piece like this one.

August 23, 2016

August 20, 2016

DIY Birthday present card for Grandpa

For his 80th birthday my grandpa gets a book with wishes/notes/cards etc. from all his family and friends.
So everybody makes a page with whatever he wants to write/wish/tell etc. him.

This is my piece:



1 großes Stück Glück
10 Löffel Gesundheit
2 Tassen Lebensenergie
1 Hand voll Kraft und Mut
1 Prise Abenteuer

Die Zutaten sorgfältig auf die 365 Tage des neuen Lebensjahres verteilen und genießen.

Alles Liebe zum 80er ...

ENGLISH (translation):

Birthday recipe

1 big piece of Luck
10 spoons health
2 cups vital energy
1 handful of strength and spirit
1 pinch of adventure

Carefully spread the ingredients on the 365 days of the new year of age and enjoy.

Happy birthday...

It was easy done. Just wrote it on a piece of white printer paper (cheap one) with permanent marker, then added the rainbow colour gradient using watercolour. I cut it a little bit smaller and glued it between two blue paper sheets. The upper one of course needs a window cut out. This way the back of it is blue and not a cheap white with the colours shining through.
Important note: When using watercolour on cheap paper, it can get wavy. To get it flat again simply put it under a lot of weight for a few days.

My inspiration for this and the recipe itself can be found on my Pinterest birthday card board.

August 16, 2016

Outfit - The classic grunge

Lately I am very much into grunge outfits. You can see that on my Pinterest Outfit Board. But I don't like to destroy my jeans on purpose and even more I don't buy ripped clothes, so you won't find that in my wardrobe.

Jacket: Vero Moda; Shoes: Deichmann; Jeans: Levi's; 

I really love this leather jacket, but I don't wear it much. Those big spikes on the shoulders are very eye-catching and most of the time I'm better off unnoticed. That's just who I am.

T-shirt: Forever21; Plain shirt: approx. 10 years old, sooo... don't know! 
That's pretty much what I currently wear the most. Except on hot days of course.

And a funny shot to end: One of my cats (Kleopatra) found my shooting very interesting.

Curious Kleopatra
She is the most delicate cat in the world. Point.

August 12, 2016

It's been a long time...

... How have you been?
Yes, one of my favorite lines from Portal (actually Portal 2). Loved the teaser music so much.

Hell, it really has been a long time. Just so much to do, especially with the house. I wasn't very DIY-ey over the last months, but I plan on changing that. I delayed a lot of things and as a result of course I was so stressed out by all the stuff I should do that I couldn't do anything in the end. Yeah, wow, that's me. But now most decisions regarding the house are made, a lot other matters are taken care of and I can start all over again.

Last tuesday my boyfriend and I went to a concert in Vienna. It was located at ((szene)) and the bands playing were Plini, Intervals and Animals As Leaders. All three bands are very technical and the members are excellent musicians. The whole concert was without any singer, which was a nice change and there was no singer needed as their melodies are dominant enough.
If you like progressive metal and/or djent and/or ambient, go check them out.
I made some shitty phone pictures.
Animals As Leaders
Also I have been hiking to get rid of the stress. Nature is just so beautiful and calming and the workout effect is also very nice. One of my trips was to the amazing lakes Offensee and Wildensee.

Offensee, Upper Austria
Nature is very active currently (of course as it is summer *laugh*), flowers everywhere and lots of insects buzzing around.
One particular flower I saw a lot is Monkshood (Blauer Eisenhut, Aconitum napellus). This got my attention because lately we were watching the series Dexter, in which one of the characters uses this flower to poison people. There is once a flower shown which they say it is Monkshood, but it doesn't look like it. I just hate, when they do that *grumpyface*. Is it so hard, to do your research?

And I found a gigantic caterpillar. I couldn't find out to which butterfly it would evolve, but still it was a very impressive animal.

Caterpillar incognito
You can see, photography with the good camera has not been on my list too. All just shitty phone pictures *laugh*. I really need to change my priorities and get back to evolve my creativity.

What are your thoughts on the bands, on hiking and on giant caterpillars? If anyone knows what species it is, please tell me!