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DIY - E-Cigarette holder out of an egg carton

Today I want to show you my latest creation. 
It is a holder for my e-cigarettes, liquids and coils, made out of an egg carton.  Other ideas would be use in the office for pencils, or as candle holders. 
Items needed: egg carton, paint and brush, glue and decoration of your choice (ribbons, tapes, lace...)
I painted the whole egg carton black. Cut holes into the cover and inside for the e-cigarettes. With glue I added the ribbons and lace at the front and on the top I used a pearl maker. 
Inside are my replacement coils and liquids perfectly hidden from sun. 

A few words on e-cigarettes:
It is said to be 95% less dangerous than smoking cigarettes. While most cigarettes contain not only tobacco but also lots of other substances, often 100 or more, some of them very toxic, the liquid for e-cigarettes mostly only contain propylene glycol, nicotine, aroma, glycerine and sometimes water. Propylene glycol and glycerine are found very often in cosmetical products and food.
There are many ar…

Outfit - Cute spikey grunge

Long time since my last post... We have still so much to do regarding our house, just decided which doors we want to have and looking for the right tiles for our patio. Next will be indoor floors and bathroom tiles. Besides that interior equipment is on our daily discussion list.

Last weekend we were at a festival hosted by some friends. Nice local (Austrian) bands playing there! If you are interested in rock music, try them:

Six Ma'am
The Sepp Juniors
Kitty Cat & the Ugly Heads

And I bought some new jewellry, two plaid shirts and finally blue hair colour - so excited to get that blue undercolour and highlights.

Little bit of free time that was left I spent with watching Netflix - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2, Black Bullet (Anime), Silver Linings and starting now the series Hannibal.

I want to show you the outfit I am totally obsessed with.

How do you combine plain shirts?