Refashioning a boring shirt

Many years ago I bought this shirt at a Weltladen shop. It is certified as fairtrade and organic (GOTS). I don't remember it exactly, but I think it cost me about €25. The vibrant colour immediately catched my eye.
Unfortunately I didn't like wearing neckholders so guess it - I almost never wore it.

Now comes the time I am more into neckholders but also more into darker colours. So I decided to give it a go and do a refashioning.

What I needed:

  • A black lace ribbon (like this one
  • Black fabric paint 
  • Edding textile marker in Black
  • Brush, iron and sewing machine

Here I already started with the first pattern. Just painted over it with a black textile marker. I did so with all the lines. 

Then I measured the bottom scale and cut off the according lenght of lace. Attached the lace at the bottom with pins. 

Sewed it on twice - once at each end to have it fixed properly. Don't forget to attach the ends of the ribbon to each other! And of course, use thread in the same colour as the lace is. 

At this point it looked like this. The lace is completely attached. 

I didn't want to have more lace at the neckline. So I took fabric paint and painted the whole hem at the neckline and upper back black. 

When finished, it is important to set the colour to prevent bleeding and bleaching. I did this as said in the instructions of marker and paint by ironing. 

And it's finished! 

The shirt is now way more like my style and I am sure I will wear it a lot, especially in summer. 

Which version do you like better, original or refashioned? 
Is fairtrade and/or organic important for you?