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Photography: Flower walk

Last week I took a walk through woods and meadows and found some beautiful things to photograph. All except one are flowers I have to admit. Spring flowers are just so beautiful!

Which flowers are your favourites?

With a bit of imagination, you think this could be near the Pantone colour this year?

I was hoping to find Primula veris, as it is the flower of the year in austria due to it getting rare.

The hole.
Would you go in there?
Just kidding, this is for water passage and too small for an adult to fit through.

I wouldn't anyways.

Refashioning a boring shirt

Many years ago I bought this shirt at a Weltladen shop. It is certified as fairtrade and organic (GOTS). I don't remember it exactly, but I think it cost me about €25. The vibrant colour immediately catched my eye.
Unfortunately I didn't like wearing neckholders so guess it - I almost never wore it.

Now comes the time I am more into neckholders but also more into darker colours. So I decided to give it a go and do a refashioning.

What I needed:

A black lace ribbon (like this one) Black fabric paint Edding textile marker in BlackBrush, iron and sewing machine

Here I already started with the first pattern. Just painted over it with a black textile marker. I did so with all the lines. 

Then I measured the bottom scale and cut off the according lenght of lace. Attached the lace at the bottom with pins. 

Sewed it on twice - once at each end to have it fixed properly. Don't forget to attach the ends of the ribbon to each other! And of course, use thread in the same colour as the…

#25 Guide - 5 Reasons why you should go outside as often as you can!

Go outside and you will find the most beautiful things. 

Sure you all know that you should rather go outside then stay inside all the time. But sometimes we forget and need a little reminder, so here are five reasons to find the motivation to do something not in your four walls.

1. STAY HEALTHY We need sunlight. Vitamin D is needed for many processes in the human body and lack of it can make you feel tired, vulnerable for infections and many worse. You can't get an overdose on vitamin D just by being in the sun.
We also need fresh air. Who changes the air in their rooms correctly and regularly? As people stay in a room, the oxygen is consumed and nitrogen is produced. Yes, you could quite some time in a room without air exchange, but the increasing amount of nitrogen makes you feel exhausted and destroys any concentration.
Best thing to do is do your workout outside. Use water bottles as weight, integrate benches, trees or whatever you can find into your training. Take a look if …