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#24 Review - Glossybox February '16

Very late, I know, but here comes my review of the latest Glossybox.
The edition is called "Love is in the air" and of course the theme is Valentine's Day.
By the way, I really don't like Valentine's Day. I'm not into any of these special days. I think they are just here so the industry can pull even more money out of our pockets and when I look around what people spend on things around christmas and the others, it sure does work.
Girls, if you want to spend romantic time with your boyfriend, just do it! Listen to what he likes and find something between the interests of you two, which you both like.

Anyways, let's start...

Royal Apothic - Cream Crème Venetian Grove (€25,48 /  225 ml)

Pretty expensive body cream with lactic acid, olive oil, vitamins A and E...
If you are looking for a rich, moisturizing cream that makes your skin very smooth and if you don't care about the price, maybe this one's perfect for you!
It gives my sensitive skin everyth…

#23 DIY Earrings - Easy Stars for you(r ear) !

Earrings are used in all cultures around the world. 

This is an easy tutorial on how to make earrings in under 5 minutes - yes, it's that fast!

What you'll need
Felt strip with a cut out pattern like a star as I usedEar hookMetal jump rings ScissorPliers

Cut out what you want to have on your earring.

Use the pliers to open a ring. 

Attach your pendant to the ring - don't close it yet! 

Also attach the ear hook to the ring and now close it with the pliers. 

Your earring is finished!  See, this is very easy and fast. 
If you want, you can attach more in a row. 

If you try this, take a picture and show me!

Have a craftyful thursday,

#22 Nail design - Lots of red and black

Over the last two weeks I had a difficult whole day class at university, so sorry I didn't find the time to blog.

But I did manage to do my nails on the weekends and I think it turned out quite good (sorry for the bad quality, can't find my card reader for the camera therefore have to use my phone...)

Currently I use the rest of my essie's  all in one base as base for all my nail designs.

I hope it's clear to see this should be eyes (except thumb), black eye with red iris and black pupil.
I searched for some anime eyes as inspiration and I think they turned out quite good. You could see better what I mean if the quality wouldn't be that bad. Just couldn't find the right light to get a good photo with my phone.

Nail polishes used:
essence the gel nail polish: 46 black is back, 17 juicy love, 33 wild white ways
claire's matte top coat on some of the nails

As seen a lot currently, a gradient design.
For my austrian readers: Müller currently sells a nail art…