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#21 Review - Glossybox January '16

The theme of Glossybox January is "New year, new you".

Borotalco Vivifying bath & shower oil  (€5,99/250ml)
Contains sesame and citrus oils. No soap, parabenes, hypoallergenic and tested on sensitive skin.
My sensitive skin had no negative reaction. No red itchy patches (as usual in winter). It smells strong as most shower gels do. If you like citrus and sesame smell, you like this smell.
I'd say this is okay to buy.

Eubos Sensitive Hand Repair & Protection  (€6,30/75ml)
Has a new active formula - "Hygro-Derm-Factor" to optimize and stabilize the moisture of your hands.
This is the best hand creme I ever had. Very decent smell. Settles in very fast and leaves you with really soft skin.
I'm sure I will buy this again when it's empty!

Talika Photo-Hydra Day  (€35,00/30ml)
This day creme combines hyaluronic acid with natural light - water will be stored within cells and plumps up your skin.
I have very dry, sensitive combination skin. Yes, it does m…

#20 Nail design and outfit - A lot of black and darkness

First the question: Which of the four designs do you like more?
Left hand on the left, right hand on the right side. Top are with normal clear top coat, bottom with matte top coat.
I'm currently in love with matte nails. I don't know why, it's just different.
Yes, that nail design could be for halloween *laugh* but I tried a little more "gothy" style.

I used:
essence the gel nail polish: 17 juicy love (red)
essence the gel nail polish: 31 electriiiiiic (blue)
essence effect nail polish latex matt: 32 the black cat (black)
and claire's matte top coat (I can only recommend this one, as it is cheap and long lasting)

And here comes another nail design:

Yes it's also matte ;-)
And those should be eyes, though they look more egypt than I wanted to.

I used:
essence the gel nail polish: 33 wild white ways (white)
essie: play date (lilac)
some essie nail polish for the pink (no name on it)
OPI: Get cherried away (ring finger)
MaxFactor Max Effect: 38 Purple Haze …

#19 Photography - A walk in wintery nature wonderland

As title says, I took a walk and made some photographs of beautiful things in nature.
All shots are made in Austria.

Tell me if you like or dislike the photographs.
And yes, it was very cold. We currently have about -5°C here, which is horrible for warmth-loving people like me.

Have a not so cold wednesday,

#18 Nail design and review - Wonders of matte

So I bought a new nail polish - you'll see it below. Therefore I had to play around with the two matte nail polishes I now own.
Last week I saw that Catrice will sell a matte topcoat this year - I really have to get that. It's on my list of the few things I have to buy.

Before I show you the matte nail design I want to do a review of a nail polishes which I think more people have to know about.
I'm talking about the Logona nail polish. Colour 04 pink blossom.

That colour is just sooo beautiful!
The polishes are NaTrue and BDIH certificated (which are good organic certificates) and contain only natural ingredients - no chemical matterials as in normal nail polishes. Some of those chemicals are presumed to be quite harmful.
It's not vegan, as it contains shellac, which is harvested from scales.
The average price for a bottle is about €12 as far as I found out. Yes that is pretty expensive, but therefor it's not damaging.
The finish is not exactly matte, more like a s…

#17 Review - Can't get any creamier

When you get older, your skin will lose elasticity and regeneration. 

Today I show you the face creams I currently have and what effect they have on my skin.

First, my skin Since puberty I always had acne (big pimples shooting out all over my face), redness on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, wide pores in the same places with a lot of blackheads. You can imagine such skin is pretty oily.
Over the last years my skin got more and more sensitive and dry. There are many drugstore products to which my skin reacts very bad (perfume, glycerine and all those ingredients not suitable for sensitive skin) with more redness, dryness and rashes.
So now my skin tends to be both oily and dry at the same parts of my face. I mean you can see it's oily and you can see the flakes of dry skin. Weird.

Now the creams (from left to right):

Alverde night cream - wild rose for dry skin, regenerating, intensive care
This one is organic, without animal harm, vegan. Active ingredients are oils from wildros…