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DIY inspirations - Refashioning

As time is short these days I can't do much DIY projects.
In the meantime I show you some of my favourite DIY refashioning ideas. I collect them at Pinterest and you can look at all of them here.

Just click on the picture and the Pinterest pin opens in a new window.

DIY corset tee
I love corsets. But I find them difficult to wear in my everyday life. This shirt is just the solution, its the perfect mix. And incredibly easy to make too! I think this would take no more than 10 minutes to make.

Lace back shirt
Sooo beautiful and also seems to be made easy. Sewing machine required here! I have lace, I have shirts, why am I not doing this??

Jeans with lace bottom
I start sweating when I see this, it is just so sexy and beautiful. Again, I have lace and yeah sure I have jeans, so do it!

Spray painted shirt
Just needs a stencil and something to paint. Should also be done fast and easy!

Cat in a pocket
Oh how cute is that? The pocket could also be selfmade, those are easy to make.

3 strap bra f…

How I survive Christmas every year

Oooh Christmas...

The quiet time of the year...

Peaceful - devoutly - full of atmosphere

Or is it?

What about crowds of people, someone bumping into you every few metres, traffic jam everywhere, sales people being angry because they have to work and are stressed out, customers being angry because there are so many other customers, police stopping you for breath test, being angry because they have to work late, and so on ... ?

Or do you like to remember the time you were a child, when all you need to worry about was when you got to open your presents?

Yeah, being adult sometimes sucks. Buying christmas presents in december sucks. But who is really smart enough to buy them earlier? (Well, not me)

Anyways, I've managed to find some ways to survive christmas (and december in general) every year.

Do the shopping at times when most other people are at work! 
For most of us this means take a day off. Plan it efficiently to visit every shop you need and to find a present for everyone you n…

November Update


Deadman Wonderland
Just wow. About two years ago I watched the anime on Netflix. But it only contains the first 21 chapters from the manga and when I finished the series, I was completely unsatisfied being left in the middle of something amazing.
Last year I got to talk with a girl studying biology too and she was totally into mangas and she knew DW and told me to read the manga, which is finished.
Recently I found some time to do that and WOW I love it even more. It is one of the best stories.

What is it about?
Gantas friends are killed right before his eyes by a mysterious "Red Man". But Ganta is accused for that and has to go to prison. There he finds out, that he among some others has a special ability and those deadmans are forced to fight against each other... It gets weird when this pale girl shows up and you see she is connected to Ganta... and it gets even weirder when you find out, who she really is.
No spoilers! Go see for yourself, hehe!

There is…

A bag for my car made out of old pants

On Pinterest I saw all these car bags so I thought I want one too.
And I had this pants, which I absolutely loved 10 years ago, but they are quite tight and some seams ripped, I didn't wear them for years. Size change or DIY needed to be done. I figured they would make a perfect car bag.

I cut out a piece from the hips with some pockets. It's part of the left leg.

Then I had to fix this little hole that I made trying to fit into the pants ;-)

And there was this little pocket you can see on the right side of the cut-out piece. I wanted to hang the bag next to the gear shift so it would be on the co-drivers side. That way the little pocket would be useless. So I stitched it together on the outside and opened it on the inside.

The little pocket inside the bag works now perfectly for me.

I stitched the two open sides together (left side of course) to form the bag and added a ribbon at the top.
Didn't take very long - approx. 30 minutes - and I had my car bag.

Blogs I love and which you should give a chance

As most other bloggers, I love to read other blogs too. They are a must for inspiration, information and interactions. So here are the ones that I follow for quite some time now and I'd strongly recommend you to take a look.

Blogs in ENGLISH

Category Sewing

four square walls
Sadly she has not posted for a year now. I hope she gets started again!
Here you can find a lot of sewing projects with information which patterns is used and how it is made. Includes good quality photos with beautiful herself as model. Also some tips as stitches and techniques.

Lots of sewing projects with good photos, describtion and - what I like very much here - what went wrong and what went really well. Also sometimes great tips such as the latest tutorial for fixing jeans zippers.

So. Many. Long. Posts. Here.
Find here travel tips, lots of DIY stuff (clothes, decorations, shoes, accessories, presents, ...), lifestyle topics and fashion posts, all with very beautiful photos…

Little holes in shirts II

In summer I showed you the first holes I 'repaired' (see How to deal with little holes in shirts). But if you have an old wardrobe as I have and tend not to throw anything older than a few years away, maybe you also find more and more holes over time.
Well, at least I did and so I had to fix some more.

This is one shirt with two holes in it. I bought the shirt many years ago - don't know anymore which shop it is from but I'm sure it's one of those "low quality - made by 1$ chinese workers" stores. And low quality it is. I love the cut of the shirt, but the fabric is very thin, I mean like low-quality-thin, not perfect-for-summer-thin.
And somehow somewhen it had those holes.
I decided to use just coloured thread this time, but let's just have a look:

For anyone interested, both holes are not even 1 cm diameter. So yeah, you can see them, but it was my purpose to not make it look ugly and for me I achieved that.

I did both by hand-sewing, so you need j…

Outfit - Casual is always a good choice

These days I have a lot of things to do.
Though study is pretty easy at the moment, most of all because I take it so easy and not let it stress me out, there is so much to do for the house we are building, so much decisions to make, meetings to attend to and browse through the whole internet to find inspirations.
Also I am part of a musical society and our concert is soon, which means a lot of practicing is needed.
I just can't find time to do all the things I wish to do, like more DIY, changing my old clothes and photographing. Not talking of the animal rescue association I'm member in, for which I should and want to do way more shifts.

Anyways, because of that time problem I don't do very much make up currently. Just put on some comfy clothes and that's it.

Like this basic outfit I was wearing a few days ago...

And I bought new shoes at Deichmann for about €25. They are so leightweight you almost don't feel them at all. They perfectly match my current love for la…

New Raincoat, new love

Usually spring is the so called season for change.  For me it was this summer. 
Change doesn't have to be good or bad. Change can be both. We have to hold onto the good stuff and let the bad stuff go. 
End of summer outfit: 

Aaand new raincoat... The only rainjacket I had was a very ugly 10 years old one in light blue.
I saw this one at Kleider machen Leute in Linz/Austria and fell in love.

It's the Noon Coat (Style No. 1238/01) by Rains.

Their products are EcoTex 100 certified, which is probably the best certification a raincoat can have, as obviously those can't be made out of 100% cotton (50% polyurethane and 50% polyester used for this one).
By best I mean in ecological terms.

Neckline, the second, but different

Quick and easy shirt refashioning DIY.  You know the band Oomph! ? If not, try them. They're one of my alltime favourites. So of course I need to have band shirts. But though I got the girl shirts, their fit is ...  Well, not exactly flattering. I actually like my waistline, just not in these shirts.  No problem, I want to wear them anyways!  But - yes, another but - due to the very high neckline and the very thick cotton, it's so cruelly hot wearing them. No, not the sexy hot. Anyone wearing black in summer knows, you gotta consider a few things. Don't cover your whole body with thick, black cotton (that's what I felt like here). 
End of last year, I did my last neckline-changing at which I had to add fabric to prevent my boobs from falling out.  Here I wanted to remove fabric to get a lower neckline. I thought this would bring more air to my skin, resulting in less heat.  I can spoiler now, yes it worked *evil laugh* ! 
I had already marked the cutting when I rememb…

Bring old shoes to new life

I had these shoes for about 7-8 years. After I saw them on another girls feet, I totally fell in love with them, I absolutely needed them as my first shoes that weren't sneakers. I was lucky! After driving to three different Deichmann stores, I found them in my size and I was not disappointed. They are very comfortable and suit perfectly for dresses, skirts, every cute outfit and so on...
But all those years left signs. The fabric didn't get really white again when washed and the buckle connection started to break down.

They still are one of my most loved shoes, so I couldn't throw them away. Also I thought, hey, this should be easy to fix?! And yes, it was.

What I needed?
Black fabric paint and a brushBlack marker penNeedle, thread, scissorsFabric glueBlack hook and loop tape
After cleaning them, I first cut off the buckle connection.
There was a tiny rip at the front of one shoe which I sewed together.
Then I painted all fabric black. Had to do this step twice after lett…

The cheapest dress I ever bought

I bought this dress at a flea market for 2€!
It was organized by a local animal shelter and of course the earnings were for them too. Normally it would have cost 4€ (wow) but I helped out there, so I got it cheaper. As this is for helping animals I would have paid more, but stupid me forgot the money and 2€ was all I had in my pockets *sadface*.
It's in perfect shape, I just had to fix some threads that were hanging out, nothing big.

The next flea market is in september and as I will help out again, I'm hoping to find another amazing piece like this one.