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DIY Sewing / Refashioning Shirts - How To Fix A Low Neckline

Storebought clothes often don't fit very well, so you need to alter them until they are perfect.  This shirt was such a case. 

The original neckline of this shirt was so low, actually half of my bra was seen. I really don't know for which type of non-existent boobs this shirt should be! I don't think anyone could wear this with the waistband below their boobs as it should be.
And this waistband makes it look kind very bad when you just pull it up.

So I needed to alter it.

How to fix a low neckline (it's really easy)
Take a piece of paper and put it into the shirt as it lies flat. Draw the outlines of the current neckline and then your desired new neckline onto the paper. For the curves you can use anything you can find to help yourself (such as big round baskets or bowls). Cut it out on the paper, transfer it onto your fabric and cut that out - don't forget to add 1cm for the seam allowance on every side.Then first hem the new neckline (try out a twin needle as I d…