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#6 Nail design - Black and gold for a rock chic look

Gold and black sounds pretty fancy, right? 

This week most christmas fairs are already open and I of course need to visit some of them. Today I will even be helping out at one - my first time and I hope I can handle all those people.
If I can find the time, I will try to make some photographs of the beautiful handmade things they offer at these markets.
If you live in Austria I can only recommend the Salzburg christmas fairs. They are in different places spread over the whole city and I think they have some of the most beautiful decorations and markets.
I know they are awesome everywhere, but if you know a special one, please tell me about it.

Now let's get to the nail design you see above.

Yesterday I chipped of one of my nails - I had the left hand in Cuccios Russian Opulence and the right hand in Essences gel nail in Black is Back. As I am lazy and didn't want to change the nail colour on the third day (you can laugh at this point) I just filled the chipped part out with t…

#5 Review - Glossybox November '15

Beauty comes from within, but I think it's not wrong to feel pretty outside as well. 

 Hoorray, a new lipstick - I could say, but I'm absolutely not satisfied with it. Read below why!

But let's begin at the beginning. The next glossybox arrived last week. First I took a look at the magazine, which products could be in it, and I felt pretty happy as they seemed to be good for me.

I still was happy when I saw my products:

Then I tried them and I have to say, this is the worst box I ever got.

I already started with the


It should be the covering power of a lipstick combined with the shine of a gloss.
Well I can say, it is glossy... And €2,49 is pretty cheap...
But it's also sticky as hell. It accentuates every line in my dry lips. And the colour is gone within an hour (not eating!). Also, while the colour looks pretty pinkish on my arm it turns out very brown on my lips - and I don't like brown on my lips.
So, no thanks.


#4 Gardening, Life, Cooking - a few things to say

Yesterday I made bread and it looks like a mushroom.

You see, it does. And it tastes soooo good! I just love selfmade bread.

Also, when I went on our balcony today to wonder about the snowing, I saw this:

Flowers! I mean, hybrids from the store which shouldn't survive being frozen.  Please note, I got them in spring 2014. I cared about them so much, because I knew they would be so pretty. They were. In summer 2014.  Then winter came and I thought every plant on my balcony would have died, as I never watered them and none of them was winterproof.  Spring came but no flower began to sprout. I thought, yes of course, they died in winter. 
Then I became this depression thing and while in every other year I couldn't wait until the first warm days to make the balcony as green as possible, this year I didn't want to do anything. Although I have a raspberry and a little apple tree out there, I didn't care at all, never watered them.  The balcony has a roof of course.  For the …

#3 Make-up Eye

Do you sometimes want a simple eye make up that takes no time and yet looks special? 

I do! And an easy way to do this is just line the top and bottom lids. But not only in black, not only in one colour. Use two different colours, make it colourful! 
Black and violet are two of my favorite colours. This is a combination I love. I where this look often, because it is just so simple yet beautiful. 

How to do it?  Just draw a line at your top and one at your bottom lid. You can do black on top and violet on bottom as I did here. Or you can totally switch it up, use the colours you like! Maybe try a little cat eye on top lid (that looks great no matter which colour you use).  I like the center line bottom, it makes your eyes appear bigger, while the outside line makes it appear more like almond-shaped eyes. As my eyes are rather small this suits them very well.
Apply mascara when you're satisfied with your lines.

Which products to use:  Do it with liquid eyeliner, or kohl. Or use a wet …

DIY Friendship Bracelet - PAW Pattern

Do you love cats as much as I do? 
Yeah, I know, I love almost every animal. But for me there is something special about cats. They have such strong minds, they are fluffy killer machines and, as science will find out in 2017, they really love us. ;-)
Maybe you can already guess this. I have two cats, adorable sisters. They are chartreuxs, which is a kind of royal breed in my opinion. 
It has been a long time that I wanted to show my love and make a friendship-bracelett with the paw pattern. 

What you need: 
The pattern. As said I used the paw pattern, which you can find here.
By the way, I find it is a very easy to use pattern. There are knot instructions below to help if you don't know the different knots. 8 strings. 3 in one colour for the paws (I used grey here, obviously because my cats are grey) and 5 in another colour for the background (a royal blue was my choice here) 

Then just follow the pattern - finished! 
This was just the second time for me to make a knotted friendship-bra…

Welcome - The beginning of Minns Things

You have arrived! 

This is the first post that was published here. Big thanks to everyone who will ever read my stuff and I very much hope you'll find something you like here. 
Find something? Find what? Well, I just want to share the things i do and love with you. To name a few: animals, photographs, sewing, DIY, make up, fashion, health and many more...

Now take a closer look at the photo above. 
I shot this becautiful sunset in 2009, so this is pretty old. View of a garden in Austria where I used to live back then.
I love the colours and effects of the sun.

So, welcome all, have fun and, of course, feel free to comment!

Have a relaxed monday,