December 30, 2015

#16 Nail Design - A Sparkling New Year

Only one day left.

Of course I had to try a nail design for New Year's Eve.
Black and dark blue background (gradient! Hope you see the blue) with golden stars and firecracker explosions in red and an actually shimmery neutral which looks kind of silver here.

Nail polishes used:
Essence gel like - 46 Black is back for black background
Astor Quick'N'GO! - 368 for blue background
Cuccio Colour - Russian Opulence for golden stars
Catherine for Glossybox for red explosions
Essie - buy me a cameo for "silver" explosions (it's actually a shimmery neutral)

Don't forget the Top Coat!

Can you see the blue background? Did you also do a special nail design for the new year (please show me)?

Maybe you noticed the stars I added to the photo *laugh* I was just playing around with the editor a bit.

FYI, I don't have any New Year's resolutions. I never do. If I think I should do something or change something I try to do it immediately - or at least as soon as I can. For me this is better than waiting for the new year, making lots of promises to myself which I then wouldn't keep anyways.
I still have big plans for next year. As we are currently building a house, there is a lot to do until our moving in in summer/autumn. My study also takes a lot of time. I want to do more drawing and sewing. And when we have moved in I'm gonna do a foster home for (sick) cats. And and and... there is always a lot to do! Sure you understand.

Tell me about your plans and dreams!

Have a well spent wednesday,

December 28, 2015

#15 Guide - Care for your animals on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is coming up!
I know partying is important and fun and you want it and all that... but please, if you have animals, don't forget them, when the new year begins.

Some dogs don't care at all, the golden retriever above (loveliest dog I ever knew) even loved being outside during all the BOOM! and BANG!.
Other dogs really get panic. Be sure to walk those dogs early. Outside they can break free and run away, panic, run into the next car and so on... So be sure to have them safe when you are outside.
Dogs have very good hearing, the explosions are way more louder for them than for us. So keep them inside, if possible in a room without windows.
Also, don't support their fear. As their leader they need you to stay calm. You have to show them there is nothing to fear, nothing that will harm them. Ignoring them can help, but stay near, don't let them be alone scared.
Important: This message above is currently controversial. Not everyone thinks this is the best solution. Most important is, it is your dog, you know how he reacts, just try and see what works!
If you think of using medicine, please don't ever use acepromazine. I have this information from a vet who I trust 100%. Acepromazine paralyzes the dog, but it doesn't take away the fear. He is still scared as hell, just can't show it! Imagine how that would be for you... Acepromazine is contained in many sedatives. In Austria that could be Vetranquil, Sedalin, Calmivet, Prequillan...
Ask your vet if it is contained.
Then ask him for benzodiazepines, those really are anxiolytic (relieve the dog from his fear). Care as they only last for about 5 hours and never use them when your dog already panicked (use before).
As always, talk to the vet you trust.

Be sure to have your cats inside to prevent accidents. Give them a lot of hiding places. Have your windows closed, NEVER tilted! They can strangle themselves when trying to get outside in panic, and die.
They also hear very good, so inside rooms without windows could help too.  Be sure to be there for them if they are in fear.
Kleopatra, my cat on the photo above, loves to sit at the window and watch the lights in the sky.
The other one, Ellie, was a little scared last year, now she is sick (kidneys) and I'm curious how she will be this year.

Reptiles usually don't hear very well and I never heard of any problems on New Year's Eve. I have 6 lepard geckos, they always act normal.

Most of them are animals that fear a lot. I know, that rabbits and guinea pigs can have a heart attack and die when horrified. Every loud bang and flashing lights can be a shock for them.
Most important: Let them stay in their familiar surroundings. Don't put them anywhere else. They need time to get used to new things and during this they feel very exposed.
You can throw a blanket over the cage, this lowers the noise a bit.
My guinea pigs don't care at all.

How do your animals react on New Year's Eve? What do you do?
Any more tips? Disagreements?

Have a fed up with cake monday,

December 25, 2015

#14 Nail design - It's christmas time!

Normally I don't like gold that much, but it's just the perfect colour for christmas.
This should be a christmas tree on my thumb and christmas balls on the other nails... I still have a lot to learn *laugh* but good things take their time!

Nail polishes I used:
Cuccio - Russian Opulence: for base colour
benecos - Green Way: for christmas tree on thumbs and green christmas ball
essence gel like - 40 play with my mint: for detail on green christmas ball
essence gel like - 17 juicy love: for red christmas ball
Catherine for glossybox: for detail on red christmas ball and on christmas tree
Maxfactor max effect - 38 purple haze: for violett christmas ball
essie - play date: for detail on violett christmas ball
essence gel like - 31 electriiiiiic: for blue christmas ball
Astor Quick'N GO! - 368: for detail on blue christmas ball (sorry you can't really see that on the photo)

Also, if you read 'til down here, I had a little rescue thing for my neighbours rabbit today. It escaped from its outside cage and broke one toe. As there are many dogs around it was a pretty dangerous situation, a dog could have catched and killed it easily.
So if you keep rabbits outside, please be sure to have everything save. They are very clever and good at burrowing and escaping. You need a rabbit fence (those with very small holes) also dug in the ground.

Have a peaceful thursday and christmas eve,

December 22, 2015

#13 Review - Glossybox Dec. '15

After the last glossybox, which was a big disappointment for me, I am very happy the december box seems to be pretty good.

What did I get?

Teez Cosmetics - Oasis gem lipstick "Heat wave ruby"  (€20,50 / 2g)
Hot dark red lipstick with matte finish. Lasts very long and feels very good on the lips. If you have very dry lips you can see the cracks.

IsaDora Precision Mascara (€15,95 / 7ml)
Don't use too much or you have a big black block as your lashes! This mascara is very flashy - similar to "They're real!" I think.

Eucerin Dermodensifyer (€30,95 / 50ml)
Yes! Thank you! I love eucerin as it's one of the few brands that really can help my super sensitive skin. This creme has UVA, UVA, moisturizes and - as usual - some makes-you-more-beautiful ingredients. Didn't try it out yet but looking forward to.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics - Lash primer (€21,30 / 4g)
Lash primer says it all - didn't try it out yet. But not too bad to have one of those!

Princess Skincare - Hyaluronic acid face mask & Green tea face mask (€26,40 / 8pcs.)
Both supposed to regenerate your skin. Very good in winter, I hope they suit my skin.

You get updates when I got used to these products. Tell you then, how I really do like them.

Have a tuesday without headache,

December 20, 2015

#12 Nail design - A Splash On Pink

Ein von Minn (@minnmenja) gepostetes Foto am

 My latest nail design.
It's pink base colour and splashes of other colours, which should be turquoise, red, dark blue and a dark blueish violett. But I see now it's not very clear to see the different colours on the photo *laugh*. Well, you get the meaning of it.

Next time I will do a very christmasy nail design, look forward to it!

Also next posts will include more of my drawings and maybe some thoughts on cats and/or animal protection - not sure about that yet. Time is limited of course! I'm sure all of you understand that as christmas is coming up and we all have a lot to do then - family and so on...

Have a happy sunday,

December 12, 2015

#11 Sewing / Refashioning - Oh la la that décolleté!

Not sure if you can see it properly but the original neckline of this shirt was so low, actually half of my bra was seen. I really don't know for which type of non-existent boobs this shirt should be!
It has some kind of wasteband which makes it look stupid when you just pull it up.

So I needed to alter it.

This is very easy to do.
Just take a piece of paper and put it into the shirt as it lies flat. Draw the outlines of the current neckline and then your desired new neckline. For the curves you can use anything you can find to help yourself (such as big round baskets).
Cut it out on the paper, transfer it onto your fabric and cut that out - don't forget to add ~1cm for the seam allowance on every side!
Then first hem the new neckline (try out a twin needle as I did, it's way more easy than I thought), afterwards you just sew it on - voilà!

If you want, add something for decoration then, like buttons or a border.

Now there's only one thing left to do: Be happy about your new shirt and wear it!

If something's not clear for you or if you wish for some photographs or detailled instructions on how to do it, feel free to ask (comment below).

Have a motivated friday,

December 10, 2015

#10 Drawing - From realistic pencils to happy dancers

Long time no drawing.
Except for the little ones I need to make last semester at university. There we had to draw different plants in one course and some parts of animals/cells in another.

Now I have the plan to start drawing again as this is so much fun.
Just not sure which media I would like to use... well, I will see!

You should see the other one too:

But yeah, that's not sooo good. At least I don't really like it.
I don't think I should draw something like that *laugh*
It's just too happy for me!

And by the way, time says it's from 2010 - 2015 because I started it in 2010 and finished with the colours this year.

Have a not-too-cold thursday,

December 9, 2015

#9 Nail design - The red overdose

How do you like my current nail design?
It's getting more fun the more often I do it. Any design wishes on what I could try next?

I used two colours for this, Maybelline Colorama in 357 Burgundy Kiss and Essence gel like in 17 juicy love.
The one from Maybelline is quite old but I think you can still buy them. It's a very dark red, when you apply two coats it almost looks black (with a red shimmer in the sun) but with just one coat as I did here you see the red pretty good.
Essence gel like have been published last season and except for the fact that they stain your nails they are very good polishes, especially for that price!

The designs should be a plus like present wraps (not a cross - I don't like crosses *laugh*), some dots because I like dots on nails, a random zigzag-pattern, a small heart and a bow (which I think looks more like a crippled scissor on my right thumb).

Have a quiet wednesday,

December 6, 2015

#8 Review - Body Peeling to feel royal

May I present you the royalness of body peelings. Now bow to its awesomeness!

Just kidding.

But I do really love this product. Read on to see why!

First, the company.
I guess you have never heard of Sisi AND JOE too. Turns out they are from Austria (pretty new) and they are also producing in Austria. All their products are 100% natural, vegan and not tested on animals. Sounds nice to me!
But currently you can only get the products in Austria (since december). As far as I know they are only available at dm.

Then, the product.
And I have to say it again now, this is by far the best body peeling I've used.
When you apply it it feels more soft, you barely feel the grains. First I thought, this is not gonna peel a lot... But it does! Afterwards the skin is really soft and you can see no more flakes of skin (I often can see them on my sensitive skin).
The smell is very discreet, a little bit flowery.

The company says it's antibacterial and antiseptisch because of the edelweiss and the oil from apricots makes your skin soft, shiny and should also enhance your skin complexion.
For me it does that. Usually with the start of winter my skin is all red, dry, and it's way better this year, so could easily be because of using this.

I will definitely get other products from Sisi AND JOE and see, if I like them also that much.
You should try it out too if you can!

Have a not stressful sunday,

December 4, 2015

#7 Nail design - Berries taste so good

Currently I have a lot of fun trying out new nail designs. You will probably see more of them as I almost always have some paint on my nails.

For these I tried out different designs I found online.

Pretty easy designs. First one or two coats, depending on your base layer. I used two coats of OPIs Get Cherried Away, which I found at a drug stores sale a year ago. I love that colour!
When it's dry, add the second colour in the design you wish. I used Essence gel like in Black is back.
For application you can use anything that fits and is comfortable to draw. Small brushes, wooden skewers (as I did), just whatever you can find!
Let it dry again and don't forget the top layer to soften the edges and help it to last longer.

That thing on my ring finger should be a feather. But I touched on my left one before it was dry *laugh* I'm really good at that.
Didn't touch the right one, but it still doesn't look very much like a feather. Don't mind, still like it!

Do you like that nail design?
Any other ideas on what to draw on your nails?
If you try that too, let me know in a comment!

Have a happy-because-it's-almost-weekend friday,

November 29, 2015

#6 Nail design - Black and gold for a rock chic look

This week most christmas fairs are already open and I of course need to visit some of them. Today I will even be helping out at one - my first time and I hope I can handle all those people.
If I can find the time, I will try to make some photographs of the beautiful handmade things they offer at these markets.
If you live in Austria I can only recommend the Salzburg christmas fairs. They are in different places spread over the whole city and I think they have some of the most beautiful decorations and markets.
I know they are awesome everywhere, but if you know a special one, please tell me about it.

Now let's get to the nail design you see above.

Yesterday I chipped of one of my nails - I had the left hand in Cuccios Russian Opulence and the right hand in Essences gel nail in Black is Back. As I am lazy and didn't want to change the nail colour on the third day (you can laugh at this point) I just filled the chipped part out with the colour on the other hand and "splashed" it towards my cuticle to get that messy tips.
This is really not very hard to make, so just try and see! Nobody cares if it's uneven or if you have more on one nail and less on another, that's the big advantage on such messy styles.

If you start with a clean nail, just do one coat of your first colour (paint the whole nail) as usual and when it's dry paint the other colour upwards (the brush facing towards your finger tips). If your first colour needs two coats of course you can do that as well just keep in mind that the more coats you apply the longer it needs to dry.

Don't forget to add a top coat afterwards so you don't see the prechipped parts and the line between the two colours that much.

Show me if you try this design.

Have a wonderful sunday,

November 28, 2015

#5 Review - Glossybox November '15

 Hoorray, a new lipstick - I could say, but I'm absolutely not satisfied with it. Read below why!

But let's begin at the beginning. The next glossybox arrived last week. First I took a look at the magazine, which products could be in it, and I felt pretty happy as they seemed to be good for me.

I still was happy when I saw my products:

Then I tried them and I have to say, this is the worst box I ever got.

I already started with the LIQUID LIPSTICK 03 ALMOST REAL by ESSENCE.

It should be the covering power of a lipstick combined with the shine of a gloss.
Well I can say, it is glossy... And €2,49 is pretty cheap...
But it's also sticky as hell. It accentuates every line in my dry lips. And the colour is gone within an hour (not eating!). Also, while the colour looks pretty pinkish on my arm it turns out very brown on my lips - and I don't like brown on my lips.
So, no thanks.


€6,99 / 150 ml seems to be an average price for hair oil.
Smell is ok - just like the average hair product.
It should be non-greasy with eight weightless microoils and you should use it on dry hair as finish.
Doesn't seem to work on my fine, fast greasing hair as it started to look greasy immediately after application. I will try it again using my hands to apply, but I have little hope it will get better.


I thought I would love this one. It looks like high-quality with the golden design and the metal ball, which should be extra cooling, and it's also pretty expensive (€41,90).
The gold-caviar-complex combined with "highly effective, skin tightening ingredient Pullulan" should soothe and give the area around your eyes a treat. It should be cooling, refreshing, moisturizing while relieving swollen lids and so on...
May be working for many of you, but I have very sensitive skin around my eyes (and you can say everywhere else) and after application it started to burn.
If you have sensitive skin too, better don't try this...


Should be a creemy shadow, easy to apply, comfy to wear (€9,90).
Well, the colour is ok, but I used it yesterday in the morning and then I headed to university (takes me about 1,5 hours) and when I arrived there I couldn't find a trace from it! Need to try again too - I really hope it doesn't disappear within two hours.


The last product I got, costs €7,95.
I'm not the greatest fan of gold but I'm sure I can use it sometimes. As it is metallic, you need to be careful while application to prevent lines. Tipwear as usual after two days. One layer can do it, but it sure looks better with two.
So this one is pretty ok.

Instead of the nail polish there could have been one of four other products in my box:
Rituals... Happy Buddha foaming shower gel sensation: Please no more shower products, thank you :)
Novaroyal BB+ Multi Action Anti-Aging Day Creme: Would have been ok, though I don't use anti-aging products and most of them are too dark for my skin colour.
Novaroyal Prophylaxe Anti-Aging Creme Day & Night: No thanks.
Novaroyal Prophylaxe Skin Clear Serum: Oooh this one... Why did they not send me this one? I would have loved it.

Well, as I said, the worst box I ever got. I hope, the next one is perfect!

Do you have other opinions on those products?

Have a relaxed Saturday,

November 26, 2015

#4 Gardening, Life, Cooking - a few things to say

Yesterday I made bread and it looks like a mushroom.

You see, it does. And it tastes soooo good! I just love selfmade bread.

Also, when I went on our balcony today to wonder about the snowing, I saw this:

Flowers! I mean, hybrids from the store which shouldn't survive being frozen. 
Please note, I got them in spring 2014. I cared about them so much, because I knew they would be so pretty. They were. In summer 2014. 
Then winter came and I thought every plant on my balcony would have died, as I never watered them and none of them was winterproof. 
Spring came but no flower began to sprout. I thought, yes of course, they died in winter. 

Then I became this depression thing and while in every other year I couldn't wait until the first warm days to make the balcony as green as possible, this year I didn't want to do anything. Although I have a raspberry and a little apple tree out there, I didn't care at all, never watered them. 
The balcony has a roof of course. 
For the last weeks it was below 0° C at nights, sometimes even days, as I said, today it was even snowing (just a little bit, you can see it in the background) and now, those plants are blooming. 

It's like they can survive anything - even having no water in the hottest summer ever. 
I find this very surprising and amazing. 

And I think, in all of us is something amazing like that. 

Have a good night on your thursday, 

November 25, 2015

#3 Make-up Eye

Today: The everyday eye make-up with a pop of colour (which I wear pretty often because it's so simple and beautiful). 

As you can see, it is just a black kohl line on the top lid and a violett one on the bottom lid and of course mascara on both top and bottom lashes.
I like the center line bottom, it makes your eyes appear bigger, while the outside line makes it appear more like almond-shaped eyes.
As my eyes are rather small this suits them very well.

Here are the products I used for it.

The black eyeliner is very old, I think I bought it in like 2008 or something. It's a Maybelline Expression kajal eyeliner in black. They still sell them, although it sure is a newer product line. This one is not very smudge-proof but if you take care it stays on for the whole day. It's also not the blackest black, but I don't like wasting products so I use it until it's empty.

The violett eyeliner, which may seem blue on screens with different colour settings, is from Alverde, which is a certified organic make up brand (can be found at least in Austria and Germany at DM). They sell it in Austria for €1,95 though the colour violett is not in their range anymore. It's pretty hard to apply so you better heat it up a second with a lighter to make it more soft, this also makes the colour pop out more and I think it even lasts longer because it gets a little sticky. I don't think I would buy this one again, because of the application problems.

Benefits roller lash is currently one of my most favourite mascaras. This is the small version I got from a glossybox.
The normal size costs €24,95 at Douglas, which I think is pretty expensive but it's definitely worth a try. The lashes won't stick together, it lasts the whole day without smudging or wearing off. I don't know yet if I will buy another one because I still have a lot mascaras left and as I said, I don't like wasting products.

Tell me what you think about this (pretty basic) look.

And have a sunny (at least in our heart) wednesday, 

November 24, 2015

#2 DIY Friendship-bracelet - PAW Pattern

My latest DIY.

Since I did not feel as depressed for the last week as usual I found the motivation to finish this.
It has been a long time that I wanted to make a friendship-bracelett with the paw pattern.

The background: I have two cats, sisters, they are chartreuxs, which is a kind of royal breed in my opinion. I will show them another time. To show my love for animals I wanted to use the paw pattern. The background is royal blue and the paws are grey (because my cats are grey).

The pattern: You can find it here.
It is very easy and you need only 8 strings - 3 in one colour (e.g. grey) and 5 in another (e.g. blue).

The making: This was just the second time for me to make a knotted friendship-bracelet. My first one was very simple and used only simple knots to the left and the right. Unfortunately I started without looking at the knot instructions below so my first try didn't went well. But as you can see, it worked out then (after reading the instructions) and though it may not be perfect I love it and am happy to wear it to honor my cats. 

Here you can see the clasp of the bracelet (a button): 

And here it is with the other bracelets I'm currently wearing: 

If you use this pattern and make one too, please link your photo or blogpost in a comment below! I'd like to see other pieces made by you.

This time I used very long strings, which is why I had very long strings left when I finished. So I decided to make another small bracelet out of them. Just right-right-knots and also the button: 

Last note: I know they look a bit "hairy". That is because my cats played with the strings and so their fur got all over it ;-)

Have a good sleep on your tuesday, 

November 23, 2015

#1 Welcome - The beginning

So this is it.
The start. The first post.

First, the photo above:
I shot this becautiful sunset in 2009, so this is pretty old. View of a garden in Austria where I used to live back then.
I love the colours and effects of the sun.

Second, what is this all about?
I just want to share the things i do and love with you.
To name a few: animals, photographs, sewing, DIY, make up, fashion, health and many more...

So have fun and, most important, feel free to comment!

Have a relaxed monday,